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Going vegan!
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Need help lasting as a vegan
October 03, 2011 05:36PM
Anyway, here's the thing. I can eat 100% vegan, not eat any dairy or eggs for 3-4 months at a time... (I don't get non-vegan non-food items if I eat dairy/eggs or not) Then I give in, start eating dairy and eggs for a few months, then get inspired to go vegan again. Eating fake cheese really doesn't help, actually it makes me want to eat dairy cheese more... EXCEPT Chicago Diner's vegan cheese, I enjoy that.
I've been vegetarian for two years, never gave in to any meat cravings mostly because.. fake meat tastes really good to me, but fake cheese.. not as much. Errr.. any advise for when my cravings get strong?
I'm very bad at 'just resisting'

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Re: Need help lasting as a vegan
October 03, 2011 09:10PM
HI Danielle,

I feel your pain. It IS hard to stay off cheese. One of the reasons is that dairy contains natural opiates that make you crave the food AND opiates affect the pleasure centers of your brain thus disrupting your ability to make good decisions. It's kinda like a drug addiction - I know that sounds crazy, but researchers have found that foods addictions can affect someone the same way a drug addiction does in the brain. So the only way that I know to avoid cheese is to try to just avoid being around it. If you HAVE to be around it, I try to be full so I am not as tempted. I do find the longer I go without it, the less I desire it. Try my raw cheese recipe in one of my earlier posts here. It is deeelicious and you'd never know it didn't have any dairy in it. I am also very compassionate about animals and if I am temped to eat dairy, I just remind myself of the factory farmed animals and how horrible their life is - THAT helps me alot. I am not perfect at it, but I forgive myself when I am not. I wish you the best and hang in there.
Re: Need help lasting as a vegan
October 04, 2011 05:42PM

Cheese is the hardest thing for a lot of people to give up. The best way to stick to it is to really embrace the reasons for not eating it. Watch the videos, read the articles about how the mother cows are treated, how the baby cows are treated, and from a health perspective what it does to your body... and mother earth too!

Having a solid reason for staying away from cows milk cheese will really help.

Also, try Daiya!! Daiya is God's gift to veganism in my opinion! It melts... and really acts like CHEESE!! You can make grilled cheese, pizza, lasagna! ANYTHING... You can find it at Whole Foods, and other health food stores. If you haven't tried it yet... this will be the thing that keeps you from going back to regular cheese! TRUST ME!

I also make my own cashew cheese sauce at home for mac n cheese cravings... and it's DIVINE!! about a cup of raw cashews in a vitamix, fill with water about an inch or so above the nuts, two garlic cloves, a jalapeno (optional), a dash or two of paprika and tumeric for color, a couple handfuls of nutritional yeast, salt, and pepper... blend... and PRESTO! Yummy, creamy, cheesy deliciousness... pour over brown rice pasta... with some steamed broccoli... and you're ready to enjoy some comfort food!

Me and some friends just started this site... www.PlantPoweredLiving.com

If you're looking for recipes, advice, and a place to talk things out along this amazing journey... come check it out!


Krista : O) <3
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