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September 02, 2011 05:33PM
Hi Shanasy,

What does being a moderator entail?

Re: Moderator
September 02, 2011 06:07PM
HI Kim,

Thanks for asking. It is very simple. You mainly make sure that if any spam messages or inappropriate messages are on there that they are removed as soon as possible. Also just kind of moderate the tone, making sure there is no bashing or rude behavior. I think I have done this for a couple of years and NEVER have I had to erase any messages or seen any kind of behavior that was inappropriate. Everybody has been very kind and supportive. It is probably good to post a moderator message every so often. You can do a survey (have to ask the HappyCow staff how to do that). It things are quiet, you can get a conversation going. It's one of those things you can do alot or a little with it. The most important thing is that if you do take over and decide at some point to discontinue, find someone else to take over or at least let Happy Cow staff know you wish to stop moderating.

Let me know if you would like to try it.
Re: Moderator
September 07, 2011 08:18AM
Has Kim taken the job as moderator? Are there multiple moderators? It sounds like a wonderful thing to start out to do as a first HappyCow helper, and I'd be interested in doing it, or do you need to know me?
Re: Moderator
September 07, 2011 06:30PM
HI Clare,

No Kim has not taken over. I have not heard back from her.I, personally, think there should just be one moderator, but you could always ask the HappyCow staff what they think. Since there is hardly anything to do, one person can do it easily. If you would like to take over, you are welcome. Since it has been 5 days since I answered Kim and have not heard back, I'd safely assume she is not interested, or at least at this time. Since I have done so little, it would probably be best to email the Happy Cow Staff and ask how to take it over and find out how to do whatever you need to do. They would need to approve you so you can make posts as moderator (I think). Please email them and then get back to me please. Thanks so much.

Warm regards,
Re: Moderator
October 20, 2011 06:00PM
Hey Shanasy,

If she is interested, I think Kit would be perfect as moderator. She has been in this group since the beginning, is still very active in answering posts, and she's knowledgeable on the subject. I started this group a while back and felt bad I couldn't continue because of time. I was glad to see someone took over and was able to help keep this group going. I wish I had time to help answer questions. Thanks Shanasy for keeping it going.

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