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Going vegan!
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February 04, 2010 08:39AM
hi everyone!
i am a vegetarian but have started my conversion into vegan =) i love cheese! an i feel so bad after i eat it.an becomeing vegan is something im very much commited to .does anyone have any great ideas for me????
Re: hello!!!
February 04, 2010 09:22AM
HI Emama and welcome! Cheese, too, has been the hardest for me to get away from - especially living with a "cheese-aholic! Here's a few ideas: I don't know if you are aware or not but the big chain grocery stores usually offer in the refrigerated health food section cheese substitutes made from either soy or rice. These are fairly good but are limited in variety. I am doing a raw food vegan diet and they have many recipes that mimic cheese (roughly, anyway). However, what works best for me is seeing pictures of the heinous cruelty that the animals go thru in the factory farms in order to make dairy products. To me, that's enough to get me to go cold turkey (hate that phrase! lol!). Those pictures burn in my mind and then when I am temped to eat cheese, I see those pictures in my head. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully others will write in with what works best for the. Anybody?

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Re: hello!!!
February 04, 2010 01:55PM
Hi Emama,

That's great that you are going vegan! More power to you! I've been vegan since 2000 and the last thing to go for me too was cheese. They have a lot of great alternatives now though, even raw vegan cheese, like Shanasy mentioned. The vegan cheese that I've liked the best so far for sandwiches etc. is Tofutti's vegan cheese slices. They seem to melt well too. Good luck and let us know if you have more questions.
Re: hello!!!
February 04, 2010 03:32PM
Everyone's suggestions so far I agree with. It does help to remind yourself WHY you're choosing to be vegan. Watching videos or reading information to help reinforce your decision is a great way to stick to your guns. However, I find it very easy to be Vegan (it's been a little over a year now). The reason is... I found GREAT cheese substitutes! Without a good cheese substitute... being vegan can be very difficult. My favorites: Daiya and Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet. Both melt well and taste great. I tend to add a bit of salt and I spray some olive oil on it sometimes... I find that it helps with the melting process and the salt adds to the flavor... since most cow cheese is made quite salty. I mainly use the daiya for things like lasanga and mac-n-cheese because it's quite a bit meltier and creamier than the Vegan Gourmet - non vegans LOVE these dishes when I make them and can't believe they are vegan! I like the Vegan Gourmet more for open open faced baked quesadillas and pizza - but daiya works there too. Currently Daiya only comes shredded - so it doesn't work for sandwhiches. I've not tried the Tofutti sliced cheese - I'll have to pick some of that up. I do like other tofutti products - sour cream and cream cheese I use all the time. You can make cheese sauces using things like raw cashews... but that takes a little more time...

Discovering good tasting substitutes is the key... that's what I always tell people. If you buy some nasty tasting vegan cheese... you may come away thinking, I can't do this... but if you find the good stuff... you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy the transition is.

Feel free to post anytime you have questions or send me a direct message.

Good luck!

Krista : O)
Re: hello!!!
February 04, 2010 05:55PM
im gonna go to henrys right after this an by me some vegan cheese...maybe some muffins too! mmmmm!=) you guys rock!
Re: hello!!!
February 10, 2010 09:30AM
Hi....I too have just began eating a vegan diet - however I have been a vegatarian for about 18years..ish...just love that cheese....with that being said I too have to agree that the videos and literature that revolve around the cruelty to animals as well as the FDA reminds me of why I went vegan...not to say I don't miss a nice glass of wine and some good cheese....so I have also made adjustments...one of those is toffuti cream cheese. I make a great artichoke dip that tastes so creamy...mmmmm....check out the link below


J smiling smiley
Re: hello!!!
February 13, 2010 12:21PM
Dear Emama,
I converted to veganism almost a year ago. The fact that I'm very young didn't help my predicament, and neither did a family who eats whatever they please. Personally I did have many faults when I first started out, because frankly cheese is my weakness too, but let me put it in another light. It's like gardening. You start with a bare plot of land, infertile and desolate. From there, if you want it to become anything, you have to start small. Devise a plan of action and create a code of conduct, like tilling the soil before you begin your new hobby. Tell yourself I can eat these, wear these, and use these products. But I strictly cannot eat these, wear these, and use these products. Start small, perhaps build structures like the foundation for gardens and arbors, although these aren't the major elements to making a garden extraordinary, they are your basic building blocks. The beginning is always a big step, even if you don't push or go the distance, you're still making an effort. In conclusion, take it slow, but still push yourself to resist things. Even after almost a year I'm still in the process of limiting certain things. I've gotten past eating cheese and other dairy products and can easily resist things containing eggs and have given up makeup and certain products, but there are still minuscule traces of animal products I have yet to give up. The more you resist the stronger willpower you will have to resist other things in the future. Good luck and don't give up.
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