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Holiday Meals
December 05, 2009 06:59AM
Just curious - did anyone have a vegan holiday meal and served non-vegetarians? How did it go? I have never had a thanksgiving meal at my house before because my family insists on turkey and I will not do it at my house. So this year for the first time I announced that I would have Thanksgiving at my house next year and we will have Tofurkey. It kinda threw everybody off, but no one refused to come. This should be interesting!

Did anyone serve up Tufurkey this year (or will be). How did you like the taste?

Re: Holiday Meals
March 03, 2010 01:27PM
I tried to persuade my family to have if not a vegan thanksgiving at least a vegetarian one, they agreed to all the side dishes i suggested but they refused to leave out the turkey, actually my mom was fine without a turkey but my brother wouldnt hear of it and my sister loves to cook turkey.
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