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Go Veg and Save the Planet

Go Veg and Save the Planet
Open endorsement of a vegetarian diet could go far to protect the Earth. Share information, learn the facts, and get pro-active here. Help spread the news and reverse global warming.
Started by: adam95 on Sep 23, 2008


Hi! Fellow Vegetarians/Vegans
Please consider joining this group to save the planet, of course you are already saving the planet by becoming vegetarian/vegan. 80% of global warming is caused by raising animals for livestock. Please urge people to join to put an END to global warming. Please help the planet. Go Veg Be Green
Save Our Planet!!
For more infomation, please visit www.suprememastertv.com a 24/7 webcast broadcasting from Los Angeles, California USA. Please watch at any time you could, Positive news for a peaceful world. smiling smiley

When you join, I recommend you put some videos, or an article about global warming or what we could do. on the group. You know, for idea's. smiling smiley Thank you
Fellow Vegan,

P.S. PLEASE Watch both of these short videos below.
Christian Herrera

P.P.S. If you have a Facebook Account, Join my Group there too, "Voices Against The Meat & Veal Industry"

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Groups to be discontinued 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by eric. Last reply by adam95 Dec. 25, 2012
Hi Everyone,

We're getting ready to launch a new version of HappyCow in the next couple weeks.
As a result of this redesign we've decided to phase out the group sections.
We're sorry about this, but need to do this to keep HappyCow strong and our focus clear.
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View my video.
Started by adam95 on Nov. 5, 2012
Famous Vegetarians & Vegans Video I made

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2nd Annual Vegan Earth Day
Started by adam95 on Jun. 23, 2010
Hi, Adam here!
Just thought and let everyone know that theres a 2nd Annual Vegan Earth Day in Orange County, If you live near there, please Go!, Its soo much fun. Almost everyone that goes is either vegetarian or vegan, mostly ... Read More »

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Cutest Vegetarian Alive
Started by JillianaXJawbreaker on Apr. 28, 2010
Vote for me for PETA2's Cutest Vegetarian Alive Contest!
If I win I get a photoshoot and my very own PETA2 ad!
Please help me save this planet and the wonderful creatures that inhabit it!

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Dennis Kucinich Supports Vegan Earth Day 2009
Started by adam95 on Jul. 15, 2009