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Hello from South America
December 20, 2011 11:43PM
Hello everybody, I'm a bisexual vegetarian from Italy, living in Bogotá, Colombia.
I'm not new here but I've been lurking around and wanted to introduce myself.
There's doesn't seem to be a shortage of vegetarians, or at least flexitarians, around here. There are very few LGBT ones though – I only know about a gay guy on my university.

Why does the LGBT community seem to love meat even more than straight people?
Re: Hello from South America
December 22, 2011 08:35AM
Several years ago I became vegetarian after spending a week with a gay veg boy that I met while on vacation in Canada. At first I thought there were probably a large number of vegetarian LGBT people. I thought "Hey gay guys are sensitive... gay people are up on the issues." In the past several years I've only met 3 others. Most of the gay guys I know don't understand at all why someone would be vegetarian and don't care too. I will date non-veg because that's all that seems to be out there. I would love a vegetarian boyfriend! Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places or maybe they are mythical creatures like unicorns.
Re: Hello from South America
December 26, 2011 06:25PM
Almost the same here. I'm starting to think LGBT vegetarians are harder to find than Santa Claus.
I'm currently dating a meat eater – in fact I've never dated vegetarians. Fortunately everyone has been (more or less) accepting – everyone, that is, except for a boyfriend some four years ago who tried, repeatedly, to make me leave my ways; he was also biphobic, by the way. I guess I'll never understand how did I last so long with him.

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