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Hey! Where are all the LGBTQ vegans at?
August 28, 2009 02:43PM
I don't know about you, but besides ya'll and my partner and myself, I've not known many, if any, LGBTQ vegans.

Hell, it's rare for me to find gay vegetarians. There's always been the stereotype of lesbians being tofu eating, tea drinking hippies. Where are these women? All the lesbians I've known have been meat eaters and very enthusiastic meat eaters at that. Maybe you can find the former somewhere in Providence or something, but other than that the lesbians I've known are the kind you can find in "manning" the grill. I like grilling too, just veggies or veggie burgers instead of meat.

And the boys, they're too cute to eat tofu. They're like, "uh uh, girl!" I gotta have some meat. lol! Take that how you want?

Just wondering if any others feel anomalous as vegans in the gay scene.

Re: Hey! Where are all the LGBTQ vegans at?
January 24, 2010 10:26PM
Lots of us in Portland, Oregon and more than a few in most other left coast cities and towns in the USA/Canada.
Re: Hey! Where are all the LGBTQ vegans at?
March 25, 2010 10:36PM
I'm here in California! I'm a Mexican so I sooo stand out as the only vegan in the bunch! So you can imagine! I never thought about that...a lesbian vegan! Wow! I'm special! LOL. I'm such an idiot I know! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: Hey! Where are all the LGBTQ vegans at?
November 24, 2012 05:22PM
Im vegan and lesbian live in Australia just wanted to say hello and theirs more of us out their.
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