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July 11, 2008 01:37PM
what is the best source for calcium ( Vegan )

i'm trying to find the answer from google but i'm so confused

like for example, i know that sesame is very good source of calcium but :

some sites write that : 2 tablespoon = 20 mg calcium

other sites write : 2 tablespoon= 176 mg !!!!!!!!!

so which is right?
Re: calcium
July 11, 2008 01:50PM
i think i understand now. Natural sesame seeds, those that are unhulled, are high in calcium.

One tablespoon provides 87.8 mg while the hulled variety offers only 10.5 mg for that same tablespoon

every 100gm of whole [unhulled] sesame seeds contains about 1.2 grams of calcium.
Re: calcium
July 11, 2008 03:53PM
One of my favorite vegan reference sites is vrg.org, here is a great reference for calcium intake:


For your sex and age group you need approx 1000 mg per day. smiling smiley

Just a note: this information is solely for educational purposes and is in no way to replace an actual medical visit. This website has a wealth of excellent information from a lot of great minds but please remember if you have any medical concerns or needs please see your medical doctor or healthcare provider.

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Re: calcium
January 07, 2009 01:19PM
The dairy industry has set US standards for calcium consumption thru lobbying efforts. The calcium scare that has been going on in this country is, by far, the biggest nutritional scam ever conceived. Plenty of calcium in what you eat, no need to take the supplements and the amounts recommended are overblown. Don't worry about calcium. Do worry about excercise (as far as bones are concerned).
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