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Vegetarian Cooking
March 11, 2008 06:29PM
Hi there~ Can anyone recommend a good vegetarian cookbook and/or vegetarian crock pot cookbook or website? thanks! Marla jb
Re: Vegetarian Cooking
March 11, 2008 07:28PM
I have a crockpot cookbook from the American Diabetes Association that has a beans main dishes and vegetables section. Many of the recipes call for bacon or chicken stock but you can easily substitute tempeh bacon (or use liquid smoke) and veggie stock. It is called Fix It and Forget it Diabetic Cookbook (no I'm not diabetic but this had lots of cool stuff in it). This book is mostly meat recipes, though, so I wouldn't necessarily recommend going out and buying it, but the 2 sections in there are kinda nice for crockpot stuff.

I also just modify recipes to my taste. I had a cool chili recipe that I used tofu instead of meat.

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Re: Vegetarian Cooking
March 12, 2008 12:53AM
Cafe Flora cookbook (vegetarian/vegan)
I Am Grateful recipebook (raw) (both for sale on amazon.com)

Vegetarian Times Magazine
Re: Vegetarian Cooking
March 12, 2008 09:00AM
I love Vegetarian times magazine, lots of yummy stuff in there! Subscriptions are very reasonable, too!

If you eat raw at all I like Ani Phyo's Raw Food Kitchen (see some of her videos I posted in the veg videos group), Raw Food Made Easy for 1-2 People, and Rawsome!
Re: Vegetarian Cooking
March 19, 2008 10:40PM
I have a cookbook with the directions given as a crockpot first, and variation as stovetop.

I think all of Lorna Sass books are, in fact like that. the one I have is "Recipes from an ecological kitchen"

I don't have a crockpot....

My favorite two vegan cookbooks though, Horizons, a cafe in Philly, and the Candle Cafe, in NYC. Someone told me they have the Candle one i n bookstores, but I know they have it at the cafes obviously. you can see their reviews online here too. I think 2 of the best in the country.

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Re: Vegetarian Cooking
July 07, 2008 04:27PM
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