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hii everyone smiling smiley
November 26, 2011 10:19AM
hii people...any one knws how to make healthy sauce salads?
Re: hii everyone smiling smiley
November 26, 2011 03:50PM
Hi Swatii.

Not sure what you mean by "healthy sauce salads". Do you mean dressings for leafy green salads? If so, I have a couple of suggestions.

I make salad dressing on the nights we have salad (as opposed to buying a bottle of dressing), and just enough to cover the salads for that night (as opposed to a whole bunch that then has to be stored in the fridge). Depending upon my mood, I can make "creamy" dressing w/ a silken tofu base and some garlic and herbs and stuff, a mustardy thing with agave nectar (vegan version of honey-mustard dressing, essentially), or even a simple olive oil and balsamic vinegar with fresh ground black pepper. Fresh squeezed orange juice with olive oil, tamari or soy sauce, and some curry powder makes for a delicious salad dressing--this is especially good when the salad is just greens and needs something interesting to liven up the flavors. The simpler the salad, the more interesting the dressing should be---and the reverse is true too: the more complex the salad, the simpler the dressing should be. I like toasting almonds and grinding them in a coffee mill to a powder, and mixing that with oil, lemon juice, and whatever spices would complement the salad (curry is really good here too). I also like pureeing fruit (raspberries, anyone?) and adding some maple syrup and thick sweet balsamic vinegar and maybe some lemon juice and spices. Just put stuff together and see what you like.

Salad dressing is so easy, so versatile, and so much fun. I don't know why anyone would buy a bottle of salad dressing when all you need to do is dig around in your fridge and pantry to whip up something unique, customized for your table, and delicious.

Re: hii everyone smiling smiley
November 27, 2011 02:35AM
ohh wowww...!! i mean seriously..i am amazed by ur reply..so many ways ,,so easily told by u.i ll try them 4 sure.thanks smiling smiley smiling smiley nd yup thanks again for getting my question correctly.. smiling smiley seems you have great interest in salads n cooking.. tongue sticking out smiley so hav i but not in salads.. dats y asked out smiling smileythans again smiling smiley
Re: hii everyone smiling smiley
November 27, 2011 04:31AM
swatii Wrote:
> hii people...any one knws how to make healthy
> sauce salads?
click on 31: cashewnaise: mayonnaise made from Cashew nuts, delicious!!
Re: hii everyone smiling smiley
November 27, 2011 08:34AM
hey thankss smiling smiley smiling smiley
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