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Quick meal/snack ideas
August 12, 2010 12:13PM
I am eating the yummiest wrap/burrito that I just threw together for lunch and I just had to share it:

Flour tortilla - black bean and garlic flavored from the farmer's market

1 small heirloom tomato
handful of fresh basil leaves
fresh spinach
shredded carrot

Re: Quick meal/snack ideas
November 29, 2010 01:09PM
Hi Tatiana! Im a new member and just saw your recipe. I'm gunna try this one when I get home for dinner, sounds sooo good grinning smiley!!
Re: Quick meal/snack ideas
November 29, 2010 01:17PM
Great, I love it, let me know what you think!
Re: Quick meal/snack ideas
November 30, 2010 12:58PM
So I tried your recipe and SUCCESS..omg yumm, it was fulfilling and convenient for me because Is easy to grab on to for lunch at my busy job grinning smiley thankyouuu!!
Re: Quick meal/snack ideas
February 02, 2011 02:28PM
I'm so glad you liked it!
Re: Quick meal/snack ideas
February 02, 2011 02:36PM
Okay, here's another one I threw together last week, it was delicious and fed me for a couple days!

2 cups cooked (to al dente) and cooled whole grain pasta of your choice, you want a smaller roundish type shape like a corkscrew/rotini to hold the sauce and ingredients well
about 1/2-3/4 c cut into bite-sized pieces english cucumber (or another low moisture cucumber)
2 stalks celery cut into bite sized pieces
1/2 c corn
1/2 c garbanzo beans
2-3 pickled peppadew peppers
firm tofu (I only put in a little bit, maybe 2 oz but you can put in more if you like. Mine was also marinated but you can use plain)
a couple teaspoons canola oil - you can skip this if you are watching your oil intake
some juice from the pickled peppadews for the acid balance
salt/pepper to taste

It offers a lot of different textures and flavors and is pretty healthy and filling!
Re: Quick meal/snack ideas
September 29, 2011 11:15AM
This is awesome! I love just being able to throw some fresh ingredients into a tortilla and call it a day! Thanks for Sharing!
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