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Gas, Gas, and more GAS!
February 25, 2009 07:16AM
ok, can any other Vegans relate to my problem? I want to eat beans, they taste great, are very versatile, provide good clean protein - BUT, they cause soo much GASconfused smiley, discomfort and abdominal bloating...at least for me they do.

Can anybody share some wisdom on how to eat these wonderful creations without making myself and anyone else sharing a room with me miserableeye popping smiley?

p.s. excuse me if this post came off too raunchy, but there is no other way to put itgrinning smiley
Re: Gas, Gas, and more GAS!
February 25, 2009 12:45PM
Gas is a problem I hear (no pun intended) from vegans a lot. So many of those nutritious vegan goodies are also loved by our intestinal bacteria! Your body can get used to it to a certain degree, but many people still have a level of gas that is uncomfortable to them. You can try Beanzyme (the vegan version of Beano...Beano has fish in it), which has the enzyme our bodies are missing to break down components of gassy foods.

Just a note: this information is solely for educational purposes and is in no way to replace an actual medical visit. This website has a wealth of excellent information from a lot of great minds but please remember if you have any medical concerns or needs please see your medical doctor or healthcare provider.
Re: Gas, Gas, and more GAS!
March 11, 2010 01:31AM
Hi Jeanette,
I hear you with the beans! My favorite are black beans.
I eat quinoa as another souce of protien. From what I understand quinoa is a grain from South America that is a complete protien and is rich in amino acids. Quinoa is so light, I never have a stomach issue!

Hope this helps!
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