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Easy vegan food combining - fruit eaten right - Harvey Diamond - Discussion Forum

fruit eaten right - Harvey Diamond
July 05, 2010 11:02AM
There is a right way and a wrong way to eat fruit in terms of the
limitations of the human digestive tract. When eaten CORRECTLY-alone on an
empty stomach-fruit's benefits are unmatched. When eaten incorrectly fruit
is problematic, to say the least. There are those who no more understand
this than a fish in the ocean understands the purpose of the rings around

In the same way there are good and bad proteins and good and bad fats, there
are good and bad sugars (glucose). We would die without fat in the diet but
which fat do you think would be more beneficial, the fat in some greasy pork
chops or bacon, or the fat in an avocado or a handful of raw nuts? The human
brain can burn one thing and one thing only for fuel: sugar in the form of
glucose. It cannot burn protein directly, it cannot burn fat directly, and
it cannot burn starch directly. Absolutely everything that is eaten has to
ultimately be turned to glucose first before it can be used by the brain
which is why the brain is constantly monitoring the bloodstream to see that
there is sufficient glucose. Although the body can turn protein and fat
into glucose, it is an extremely complex and energy-intensive process
compared to the ease with which it turns carbohydrates to glucose. Guess
what? The sugar component in fruit (fructose) turns to glucose faster and
with greater ease than anything else in the human diet other than mother's
milk. When eaten correctly it can be in the bloodstream as utilizable
energy for the brain in less than one hour. Everything else takes four or
five times that long. Fruit is only harmful when eaten incorrectly. You
would be infinitely better off to have no fruit at all than to eat it
incorrectly and turn what would be highly beneficial into something harmful,
but when eating fruit CORRECTLY you are supplying your body with the finest
source of glucose available. I have studied diet and nutrition and its
effect on the body for 40 of my 65 years on this planet. The single most
important thing I have ever learned in all that time is the importance of
eating fruit correctly. It has done more to help me, (and millions of
others), recapture health than all other factors combined.

One more, totally commonsense aspect of fruit eating for you to contemplate:
Throughout the world there are thousands of different varieties of fruit.
The very first and most important line of defense that we humans have to
protect ourselves against anything harmful entering our bodies is our
senses. Is fruit not a veritable celebration for the senses? If something
looks repulsive, would you be inclined to eat it? If something smells foul,
would you be tempted to put it in your mouth? If something tastes nasty,
would you chew it up and swallow it? Fruit is the exact opposite of this. It
is inviting in every way. Is there anything quite as aromatic and enticing
as the sweet scent of a fully ripe peach? Can anything surpass the luscious
flavor of a fresh-cut slice of watermelon on a hot day? And, of course,
fruit is a feast for the eyes. Is there anywhere to be found an artist's
palate that can rival the spectacular circus of colors that a table laden
with a wide variety of fruit can display? Fruit looks, smells, and tastes as
good as anything that can be put into the body. Does it make sense to you
that the Grand Creator would blanket the Earth with every beautifully
colored, pleasantly smelling, and delectable tasting fruit imaginable only
to play a monstrous trick on us? To intentionally entice us with fruit so
that we will eat it and become sick? Only someone completely unaware of the
physiological and biological needs of the living body would suggest such a
completely illogical, absurd, and preposterous notion as that. The reason
why fruit is supremely pleasing to our senses is to assure us that it is a
food perfectly suited for the human diet. And when CORRECTLY eaten, it will
do more good than any other food you can eat.
Re: fruit eaten right - Harvey Diamond
July 12, 2010 06:32AM

HOW do you eat fruit correctly, then?

Sorry, could not pick that information from your post.

Myself, I typically blend the hell out of my fruit and then enjoy it with a straw. That way, it should be easily digestible yet retain most of its fiber :-)

Best regards,
Re: fruit eaten right - Harvey Diamond
July 12, 2010 08:00AM
I take my fruit on an empty belly,away from any other foods.
I start day with whatever fruits I fancy.yumm smiling smiley

I love drinking with a straw too,for some reason makes it even more delicious!!

great to hear from you Andy smiling smiley
Re: fruit eaten right - Harvey Diamond
November 30, 2010 12:15PM
Hmm..I didn't know this, thank you Amanda!
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