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Easy vegan food combining
Easy vegan food combining - A new you? - Discussion Forum

A new you?
May 02, 2010 02:43AM
Picture it....

I want you to take a moment,just a moment,here and now for yourself.How
are you doing?Are you living the life you want?Or could you be having
just a little more fun?
Lets think a minute about fitness and food.Don't feel guilty if you
aren't eating as you apparantly ''should'' or if you aren't excercising
as you apparantly ''should''.In fact the word ''should'',I have removed
out of my vocabulary.As the word ''should''usually comes along with a
horrible sunken guilty feeling.

Take a nice deep breath,turn off the phone,perhaps put on some relaxing
music.Now imagine you,yourself in peak physical condition.How does it
feel,are you smiling,feeling confident,loving,focused?
Take a deep breath.See how shapely your long beautiful neck is,how your eyes are lit up with radiance.

See your shoulders and arms,how beautifully sculpted they are,how strong they feel.What would you be wearing?what color?
Would you have make up on?
How would your hair be fixed.

Now,see yourself,how are you walking?see yourself walking like a superstar.
Now listen to your voice,how are you speaking?talk like a superstar.
Now look at your chest and belly area,look at how your chest is so
lifted and your belly is so beautifully toned,absalutely beautiful.Can
you feel how it feels?To know that no matter what you wear,you look and
feel absalutely amazing.what is your skin tone?

See your hips,look how slim they are,perhaps see yourself in a pair of hipsters,sitting beautifully on your hips.
how does it feel?remember to breath deep.

And your bottom and legs,how toned,lengthened and beautiful are they?
see it,.feel it,be it.

once you have completed this awesome,powerful visualisation,you might
want to take a step of action to help bring your vision true to
life.There is a simple combination that works beautifully to achive
It's possible for you,very possible,thats why I am sharing this article.

The combination we have is this:

* callanetics based excercise
* Easy food combining

what is callanetics?
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