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Any Vegan Christians in London?
December 15, 2011 01:29PM
I would love to get in touch with vegan Christians in London, to hang out and enjoy a quiet vegan lager (thank God most lager is vegan!). I can cope on my own, but friends with the same beliefs help lighten the load, and I'm pretty much alone in this country (originally from New Zealand) with my beliefs!
Re: Any Vegan Christians in London?
December 15, 2011 03:14PM
Hi John,

I am back and forth between Berlin and England, but in England I have been in a small town closer to Nottingham than London. I don't drink lager (but my fiance' does, I'm sure). If we were in London there, I'd love to hang out. I know what you mean though. It's not easy to find people who are both vegan and Christian. How long will you be in England? How long have you been there? If you are ever in Berlin, there are tons of health food shops and vegan/veg places to eat. They even just opened the first all vegan grocery store in Europe here over the summer.

What part of London are you in? I love London, but can't afford to go very often. I wish I could.

I hope you find some folks to meet up with soon. If you're on facebook, maybe you could find someone through a group on there.

All the best...

peace & grace,
Re: Any Vegan Christians in London?
December 16, 2011 01:23PM
Hey Monique

We've been in London for 7 years. I used to be vege for AGES before I came here and relapsed. Watching Earthlings a few months ago shocked me to my core... and I realised just how in denial I'd been. I changed then and there, it wasn't like a religious re-conversion it WAS a re-conversion. There was no effort required, it was a fundamental, instant, complete and permanent change. I felt like I had become closer to God and after some research I found out that perhaps this is actually God's intention for us:


We live in South London, quite close to the Thames. If you guys are ever around please do let me know it would be nice to meet some fellow vegan Christians! smiling smiley

I will do some searching on Facebook (hadn't thought of looking there).

Berlin is one place I definitely want to visit next year - and I'd appreciate the details about the vegan grocery store so I can go there! I think if I ever move back to NZ I'd have to open one there myself just to enjoy the things I take for granted here.

God bless,

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