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Christian Vegetarians and Vegans

Christian Vegetarians and Vegans
We share a passion of two things a love for Jesus and animal rights. Please feel free to join!
Started by: piscesilver on Sep 04, 2008


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Groups to be discontinued
Started by eric on Dec. 25, 2012
Hi Everyone,

We're getting ready to launch a new version of HappyCow in the next couple weeks.
As a result of this redesign we've decided to phase out the group sections.
We're sorry about this, but need to do this to keep HappyCow strong and our focus clear.
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Another newbie 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by revbeaux. Last reply by mksage Nov. 26, 2012
Hi, I'm Bobby, I'm a baptist pastor in SW Louisiana who was born and raised down here, which meant a steady diet of white rice, seafood and meat/gravy. About 2 years ago I decided to get myself healthy before my 40th birthday and also started running. A little over a month ago I decided to try ... Read More »

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yes I do.. Dominion =/= Dominance 17 Replies 17 Replies
Started by Calvegmami. Last reply by Qassem Aug. 21, 2012
Many Christians seem to feel they are entitled to eat meat. That it is a "gift" from God. I like to look at the entire picture. God also asked us to be good stewards of the Earth and its people. I don't believe I can remain an omnivore and uphold those requests. I like to believe ... Read More »

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jesus and meat 7 Replies 7 Replies
Started by vegetarian13. Last reply by mshippy Aug. 21, 2012
I don`t beleive that animals were put on this earth to eat, but I do beleive that Jesus is perfect. Why did he eat meat? This confuses me all the time. What do you think?

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Ave! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by Qassem. Last reply by ohmandd Aug. 20, 2012
Done a few dives into the Scriptures past few days and looking through the visor with my Incisive Christian born Buddhist Taoist Shia Vegan vision, i have spied with my little eyes some very interesting things!
Things that would bring the Arabs and Jews around the Family Table ... Read More »