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Hello from Perth
August 21, 2008 07:45AM
Hi all Niffty here.Im not a vegan but I have been a dedicated Vegetarian for the past 14 years.There is not a great choice of vege eat outs here so I tend to do a lot of cooking which I enjoy.I have travelled to India and Nepal a few times so my meals are generally based around indian/asian food.I am a qualified Brewer so I brew "whole beers" using the traditional whole grain methods.Very tasty! Not at all like the mainstream tastless fizzy stuff.Well nice to meet some other Vegan and Vegetarian folk.Hope I can contribute something usefull.
Cheers Niffty
Re: Hello from Perth
August 21, 2008 08:20PM
Hi Niffty
Lovely to "meet" you. What are some of your favourite Indian recipes?
Re: Hello from Perth
August 22, 2008 04:23AM
Hi Cristy, Wow to many recipes to mention but my all time staple is a Krishna Mung bean Dhal recipe with a personal touch.Easy to digest, very good if you are a little tummy challenged, which can happen in India ! I do love Chilli as well and use it in a lot of cooking.Home grown of course.And any thing can do with a good dose of fresh corrinader.Last time I looked we had about 100 recipe books, a library to say the least.I am off to Vietnam in January for a month , the reason I found this great site, so I hope to pick up some local cooking recipes from there.To eat great food and share it, is to live a great life.There is nothing like a great vegetarian home cooked meal and a well made beer at a dinner party.Even my non vege friends love to enjoy the experience.
Cheers Niffty
Re: Hello from Perth
December 22, 2008 01:21AM
Hi Crusty
We love Indian food as well, and mung bean dhal is one of the favourites. The kids love it as it is like mince but not that yuk after taste. We eat Indian dhal with curried veges. Getting new recipes over the net and trying them. Have a great trip
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