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Question the system
June 25, 2009 06:02PM
Hi, I am new and was pleased to see a common theme of questioning whatever belief system you find yourself positioned in, but this can be within the family, a nation, a religion, or even the global economic system. I think globalisation is contributing to ecological destruction, animal suffering and global injustice because the economic rationalism (neo-liberalism to Americans) underpinning it makes so many thinks 'invisible' or 'externalities' or something to balance. These include ecological reality which is reduced to an 'enivironment' of resources separable from us, and animal suffering and human disempowerment which is deemed less important than the almighty dollar! I first questioned religion when I became atheist at 11, which was a bit tricky 'cos I was attending a Catholic school at the time! Since then I question other systems as well especially when I can see they are so harmful. What do you other guys think?
Re: Question the system
January 27, 2010 05:46PM
you are absolutly right. The system is dragin us all to destrucction of life in the planet, with or without atomic bombs. Unless humans start a really work for life for what is necessary a new real-human system.smiling smiley
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