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Amazing group!!! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by LilyTukmanian. Last reply by Amrossi Aug. 16, 2013
Wow, I am so happy to have found this! I thought I was the only Armenian vegan alive smiling smiley I admire all of you for standing up for the rights of animals and evolving ... Read More »

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greetings from co-earthling
Started by Earthling on Jan. 25, 2012
i m not Armenian, but hop to connect vegans from there for knowledge / wisdom etc

best wishes
p.s : i call myself as earthling

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Fast Food 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by jmale. Last reply by piscesilver Jan. 26, 2010
Here's a quick and easy stew for topping rice or any other grain. Takes about 5 minutes prep and 20 minutes cooking time.

Olive oil for frying
I package of Yves Meatless Ground
1 onion, diced
small can of tomato sauce
1/2 to 1 teaspoon of turmeric
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Beans Fesenjan
Started by jmale on Dec. 4, 2009
This is an interesting twist on the carnivorous Iranian dish, Fesenjan. I spoke with a lady from Karabagh and she said she knew the dish, too. My in-laws never heard of it before and neither had my husband, all who are Armenians from Iran. I found this recipe many years back on a site dedicated ... Read More »

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Vegetarian dolma 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by jmale. Last reply by piscesilver Dec. 1, 2009
Hi everyone,

I'm new to the forum. Here's a bell pepper dolma "recipe". I cook by smell and sight, so I don't have the measurements! I'm not sure where else to post. The links for recipes have a Greek listing, but no Armenian one.

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Black-eyed pea stew 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by jmale. Last reply by piscesilver Nov. 23, 2009
Here's another recipe I "vegetarianized" for my husband, Vartan.

4-6 cups cooked black-eyed peas
Olive oil
small can of tomato sauce
dried lemon (limon omani in Iranian stores)
1 red onion
Pinch of ... Read More »

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Hello from another Armenian Vegan! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by veganqueen. Last reply by piscesilver May. 16, 2009
Well I finally registered here on Happy Cow so I can be part of this group, after meaning to do so for quite some time. I am Armenian, and since going vegan I've easily veganized some of the Armenian recipes I know. I really wish there was an Armenian Vegan/Vegetarian cookbook in print ... Read More »

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hello! 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by MistressH. Last reply by piscesilver Aug. 5, 2008
Hi there, im not Armenian but by husband (and kids) are partly Armenian, we are not sure from which part however think the surname was Shanazarian before my hubbys grandfather shortened it to Shanan
Unfortunatley thats about all we know so if anyone can help with the surname..... ^_^

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Portuguese Man o' War 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by Piscean. Last reply by darky_ Jun. 27, 2008
I'm here to protect Piscesilver from all evil, peta, dimitri and flyer. Those who mess with me risk a very bad hair day. Trust me i should know.

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The Italian is here 2 Replies 2 Replies
Started by Flyer. Last reply by darky_ Jun. 27, 2008
I'm Italian, but my job is to protect piscesilver. Besides, someone has to collect the debts.

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Almond rice muffins 1 Reply 1 Reply
Started by Piscean. Last reply by piscesilver Jun. 27, 2008
Quick Muffins Vegan Vegetarian Low Calorie Fat Free Diet Baked Nuts
Ingredients :

2 cup AM Brown Rice Flour
1 tbl Non-alum baking powder
1 tbl Arrowroot powder
1/4 cup Honey
1 tsp Almond extract
1 1/4 cup Water or soymilk
2 tbl AM ... Read More »

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iam happy iam here 3 Replies 3 Replies
Started by dimitri. Last reply by piscesilver Jun. 24, 2008
history says greeks and armenians was in close relation during the history, we are brother and sisters...so i feel iam very much into this group and happy to meet people...happy to be here olivesmiling  ... <a href=Read More »

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