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Trying Another Place Tonight!
March 29, 2010 03:26PM
Hey Everyone!

So I was wondering if anyone else suffers food anxiety? Lol, seriously! So I called up my mom and invited her to dinner tonight. I live in Tucson so we're going to this place called Yoshimatsu. I convinced here by telling her of the meat options she'd have to choose from. I've actually been there before as a non-vegan and enjoyed it! But I was looking online at some of it's reviews and unfortunately it seemed more of them were bad rather than good...I also may be a bit biased because the owner was my ceramics teacher at the community college here.

Well anyway I want to get some discussion going so, help me out! Maybe it's that my mom is a total meat eater and I'm feeling some pressure to keep her happy as well as look out for my own health! I don't know. How do you guys feel when it comes to eating with people who are not vegan? Do you even try to plan meals with them?

I hope everyone has a good night!

Re: Trying Another Place Tonight!
May 01, 2010 08:15PM
Hi Sorry it took so long to reply to your concern. I've never eaten there since I live in the Phoenix area. But this is how I feel about your concerns...We should never feel anxiety about food. It's our sustenance and should be enjoyable.
Maybe you should think about the reasons that you choose to eat vegetarian. Also, you absolutely need to be able to eat with meat-eaters. Let's face it, they are all around us! Just don't make a big deal about it. I just do a little research ahead of time if I'm going to a restaurant. There are always veggie options on the menu and a lot of places will leave out the meat for you. Of course vegan diet can be a challange.
In regards to having dinner with someone, you don't even have to mention it if your cooking. Lots of people don't even notice the difference, like tofu in lasagna.

I hope you are able to live in peace with meat eaters...make a joke if they try to convert you back...laughter always helps...arguing doesn't
Good luck
Anyone else have any suggestions???
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