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my homework story thing
July 28, 2008 06:12PM
In the little town of San Juan, Puerto Rico, several pigeons reside at one little area. people call this the pigeon road, pigeon square, and lots more. when i was just a small child, maybe 4, i visited this unofficial square. expecting to just be one of the normal kids, i step in with a huge smile stretched from ear to ear on my face. i looked around at all of the other kids just to notice sad faces Disappointed staring me down. i looked down confused as can be and was very surprised at what i saw-- all the pigeons had came right to my feet. all i could hear was pigeons flapping and try to get a t my pocket. i couldn't help but feel happy, i mean all the pigeons wanted to be my friend!! right? wrong! the pour little four year old who was me was not so special after all. i learned one lesson that day, don't bring chocolate into the pigeon square. i noticed something was in my pocket they were pecking at. of course!! how embarrassing! moody smiley
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