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Help! Fishy problem!thumbs down
August 28, 2009 10:03PM
Hi all,
I"m new here. I'm vegetarian apart from fish but I really want to be full vegetarian because I love fish as well. My mum won't let me stop eating fish and I need help!
What can I do? I never want to eat fish again!
Re: Help! Fishy problem!thumbs down
December 12, 2009 08:14AM
Hi Stella smiling smiley When I first decided to become vegetarian, I didn't tell my parents, but I didn't eat any meat at dinner, lunch etc... When theasked why, I said I want to be a vegetarian. They were fine with it. So if your mum is TOTALLY against the idea of you not eating meat, and in an extreme situation, you can buy some ready made soups, or stuff you can cook yourself when there aren't ANY vegetarian options in you dinner menu. Hope I could help and good luck smiling smiley
Re: Help! Fishy problem!thumbs down
January 17, 2010 10:18AM
Fish are going extinct because of greedy humans: maybe your mum will think about where you're coming from.

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Re: Help! Fishy problem!thumbs down
April 19, 2012 08:29AM
You know, i was in exactly your position a while ago. i was a pescatarian (that is someone who eats no meat, except that of a fish) and had been for about a year, but i was getting to the point where i really wanted to be a veggie. I just didnt know who much longer i could carry on eating fish. So i just avoided it, whenever i was asked if i wanted fish for dinner, i just said i didnt really feel like that today and suggested something else. it took nearly a month for my parents to finally see that they couldnt keep on making me eat fish, and i feel so much better now i am a veggie. Remember they cant MAKE you eat it. Just leave it on the edge of your plate or something, and they will see that they have to be on your side otherwise you wont get the right stuff you need to be healthy. hopefully i have helped you and GOOD LUCK!
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