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Hi im new
March 14, 2009 08:13AM
Hi im new here and i just wanted to tell you about me,i have 5 cats,baby,Merlin,Bamboo,Midnight and Buster i also have one dong Slean.I dont have a fav anmal love them all equle
Re: Hi im new
March 23, 2009 07:22PM
Hello Fellow Animal Lover,
It's very nice to have you in our group and hope you feel welcome.
You're lucky you have 5 cats. My mom doesn't even let cats inside
the house. That's a really big no-no. I do have 3 dogs: Pudgy, Princess,
and Cow-Moo-Moo. And we do have one cat named Angel that looks like
Garfield, but we olny let him in when its cold outside or when he's injured
or sick. It's great that we love all animals equally. I do too.
Re: Hi im new
December 12, 2009 09:40AM
Hey tempcat!

I love animals too, I also hve 2 fish and 2 red eared sliders. My mum won't let me get a cat or a dog, because we live in an apartment flat. Consider yourself very lucky smiling smiley
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