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smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
September 08, 2010 03:48PM
I made this discussion for the members of this group to introduce themselves to everyone, what are their interests, when they started compassion towards animals and such.

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Re: smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
September 09, 2010 06:26AM
Hi there! smiling smiley

My name is Paul Josefsson and I live in Stockholm, Sweden. I went vegan 16 years ago (best decision I ever made!) and I know I'm never going back to the harmful, barbaric and parasitic practices of eating other sentient beings' bodies, their embryos and placenta, or stealing their mothers' milk.

I believe that the meaning of life is to enjoy it and live in such a way that will make it possible for my fellow beings to enjoy theirs.

I love music (one of the absolute best things about our species) and travelling. I like photography, enjoy watching a good film and am interested in plants.

Presently I am a member of the board for Animal Rights Sweden (Sweden's largest Animal Rights organisation) and a member of the Swedish Green Party.

I hope that some day soon humanity will have evolved past rasism, sexism and speciesism, greed and violence and will at long last truly build its societies on values like compassion, solidarity and justice for all living beings.

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Re: smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
September 09, 2010 07:12AM
Hey Paul!
Keep up the good work! Great job helping the animals, I find it great that you are so compassionate towards them smiling smiley I feel very honored to have you in my group thumbs up

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Re: smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
September 09, 2010 07:40AM
Thank you! smiling smiley I feel honored to be part of it!
Re: smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
January 23, 2011 04:56PM

My name is Andria i am 23 years old from Melbourne Australia,

I currently Manage a Pet SUPPLY store, selling only products for Pets and no livestock what so ever.

I have very strong opinions on Animal Cruelty, and there are so many thousands of issues that face all creatures in the world to date and prior!

I think the biggest issue i feel needs attention in our Country today is the Practice of Puppy Farms,
I am shocked and appuled at the lack of care Councils and Government feed they need to provide to our Four legged freinds!

i could probably rant on and on for days!

always happy for a chat with like minded people!
Re: smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
June 26, 2011 05:35PM
Hi, My names Lindsay! I'm 16 and I've just started trying to turn vegan (I've already happily cut out cow's milk grinning smiley). I hope to be more nature friendly, with some help and advice from like-minded people. I am EXTREMELY passionate about animal rights, I have completely cut out buying harmful cosmetics and hope to work at LUSH during college and uni. I'm also into plants and herbal remedies (Go James Wong!) So, I hope to find advice and support here so I can learn to be a successful and VERY happy vegan.
Thankyou. <3
Go green...
Peace on Earth...
Save the Whales...
Merry Christmas! tongue sticking out smiley
Re: smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
June 30, 2011 11:01AM

I am a 5yr vegetarian & animal rescuer in the US. I have 23 animals - all rescues dumped / abandoned in shelters, parking lots, my front porch, you name it! I have 2 horses, 1 goat, 3 dogs & the rest are all cats. I routinely spay & neuter stray cats but I can't keep up w/the irresponsible farmers in my area that get breeding females from their neighbors at church. *sigh*

Take care!

Re: smiling smileyIntroduce yourself
January 02, 2012 02:27PM
Hi everyone, my name is Hindy Pearson. I've been a vegetarian for quite a long time now. My greatest passion is promoting the cause of animal welfare. I detest cruelty, and long for the days when the "justice" system will punish every abuser, rather than allowing so many to walk free. I volunteer in a shelter, helping to care for the old dogs, and foster the sicker dogs. I write articles about animal welfare, and have a radio show on blogtalk radio called Animal Awareness 101. I tweet a lot about animal cruelty, and crosspost to help animals find homes. I'm so happy to be part of such wonderful communities of like minded people, who share my passion for animals.
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