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New vegan, help!
August 13, 2012 05:48PM
Hi Everyone, my names Michelle and I'm a vegetarian; I'm going to be starting a vegan diet this week and hopefully sticking to it! Can anyone give me some tips? I'm from and living in Dublin, Ireland! smiling smiley
Re: New vegan, help!
August 13, 2012 09:27PM

Vegan Ireland


Dr Roger Yates is the best friend an Irish Vegan could have :-)


Roger and the group he works with Vegan Ireland will be able to help you with anything you like :-)

Take care :-)

Re: New vegan, help!
August 14, 2012 11:49AM
Hello there,

I've recently been reading a book titled Vegan for Life by Norris and Messina and can definitely recommend that.

From experience I can recommend paying attention to your Omega fats. I don't like using the straight oil in any cooking myself and for a long time I used flax oil capsules. However a few months ago I discovered Opti3 Omega which is garnered from algae, the stuff which gives feeling fish their attributes.

I'd also pay attention to B12. Fortified soy milk has it, but after a chance encounter with another friendly vegan in a local supermarket I was turned on by Kara milk. Made from coconuts, rich in lauric acid, it's so delicious chilled, less so at ambient temperature. I still love soy yogurts though.

Honestly, try to vary what you eat and don't be afraid to try out different vegetables and fruit. I used to hate avocados as a child but as a grown-up love them, so don't be stubborn by refusing to revisit things that didn't turn you on before. Finally I don't see anything wrong with multivitamins (as insurance) and take one myself at least every other day.

All the best,

Re: New vegan, help!
August 14, 2012 08:20PM
Congratulations on deciding to go vegan! That's awesome! Praise

My advice would center around cheese. For me, that was the hardest thing to stop eating. So I'd just say, brace for it and don't give up. Cheese is soooooo addicting. I tried multiple times to quit eating cheese. I'd tell myself, I'll just have a little. Even eating a bite of it would re-trigger my addiction. Finally I learned I have to give it up cold turkey. That's what worked for me. This may sound strange but I found that after two weeks of not eating cheese, it was like my taste buds "re-set" and suddenly I did not like cheese at all! It was like I broke the addiction cycle. Cheese now tastes gross to me. As does cream and milk products. I now crave Daiya cheese, if I crave any cheese at all, and almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk.

To sum up, if u have trouble giving up the dairy, quit it cold turkey and keep it up for 2 weeks ... no cheating! smiling smiley

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Re: New vegan, help!
August 14, 2012 09:25PM
I hear you Happy Cowgirl,

i am the same way with cheese, dairy and eggs. the body naturally craves vitamins, water and things we interpret as "Food"
Cleansing diets work for me to keep my taste buds clean and healthy. With help from friends doing a retreat together and talking things out helped me identify personal addictions to how i talk to myself,. Words and thoughts and memories are unresolved issues and can be easily replace with craving of food.

Visual Mental Imagery works to helped me with the lil details smiling smiley
Re: New vegan, help!
August 15, 2012 12:20PM
Thank you guys so much! I think the cheese will be the most difficult, I love cheese In Love Sure all I can do is try! And I am pretty set on giving it an honest go and see how I do, once I get into a routine/habit of changing different foods and learning how to get my proper nutrition it'll all be okay smiling smiley I'll keep you all updated on how I do! Wish me luck! xxx spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
Re: New vegan, help!
August 15, 2012 05:28PM
Hi. I got much knowledge about food , vegan diet , reading Harvey & Marilyn Diamond's 1st book 'Fit For Life' . I think it's a book that everyone should read..
Happy Vegan Living!
Re: New vegan, help!
August 21, 2012 06:41PM
good book. lots of people believe in this method of eating. especially people suffering from Celiac Disease. and other food allergies.

Welcome to the Happy Cow
Re: New vegan, help!
October 08, 2012 04:31PM
Congratulations. C. J.!

Just go slowly with your Vegan path, don't drive yourself bonkers, and be good to yourself.
There is a book by Colleen Patrick-Goudreau called, "Vegan's Daily Companion" - here's a link to read a bit about it. [www.compassionatecook.com].
This book helps me greatly. I read it like a book and not one day at a time, it's up to the reader, really. It is supportive, informative, and very comforting. I recommend it highly, especially for someone who is a new Vegan, or thinking about becoming a Vegan.
Perhaps there's a copy of it in your local library.

Write here anytime, we're all in this together!

Namaste, Carol
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