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hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
March 28, 2010 06:46AM
do you think that vegans/veggies/raw foodists etc should have the same protection from discrimmination as minority groups/gay people etc haveon the grounds of their race?sexual orientation?.I for one am fed up with constantly having to justify why i'm a vegan/hippy and people thinking because of that,that they have a right to treat that as a joke.I also think that all restraunts/work places should give the same consideration to vegans that they give to other minority groups when it comes to providing a choice of diet that suits our beliefs.I also think that paganismn should become a recognised religion.What do others think?,do you think that vegans/veggies are treated like a constant but off peoples jokes?,and do you think that it was about time that this stopped?.After all!, if we treated other minority groups this way,we would be taken to court for discrimination.
Re: hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
March 28, 2010 02:44PM
I think so too! i get a lot of negativity and harsh words from people. That on top of knowing the meat and dairy industry exists and that people eat so much of their products adds to my feeling of hopelessness. It would feel a lot better if people put more of an effort in to respect my choices.
Re: hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
March 28, 2010 07:35PM
Yes I do agree about getting grief about being a vegan sometimes. I do receive 100% support from my peoples, but I remember one of my friends was acting harsh towards me at first. You know the speech people give "God made animals to be eaten" blah blah woof woof. Yeah ok, but it doesn't mean they have to be treated inhumane for us to enjoy a meal. That is what I'm against! I put her in her place though and she realized it comes down to having respect for people and their beliefs. People have such a huge misconception about us. In some ways I don't mind. I'm here to educate not discriminate. I seize the opportunity to open minds. It's funny cos I am a Mexican. So when I say I'm a vegan I get looked at odd. People expect to see a wierd looking "white person". Omg! That is ridiculous! It does make me laugh cos ignorance is bliss. It's all good cos I keep it neutral. I know how to agree to disagree. As far as paganism I am not the correct person to comment on that. I don't believe in organized religions. I'm not saying anything about religions is bad cos hey more power to you. I know there are a lot of pagans everywhere including the military. I think it's interesting which comes with having an open mind. I honestly don't see why it shouldn't be recognized as a religion. Good luck to all you pagans out there! cool smiley
Re: hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
March 28, 2010 08:12PM
I do think that Vegans/Veggies should be more recognized, but I think that's already happening. I've gone to go to normal restaurants all the time because my fam isn't veggie, and I always find alternatives. If not I ask the waiter and they do it for without a hesitation. I don't think the jokes will go away just like how jokes about minorities don't go away. We're not part of the American norm of course we're going to get picked on. It's unfortunate but true. About paganism, I think it is considered a religion among people who know about religion. If you want it to hit mainstream like Christianity or Judaism or Buddhism, I don't think that will ever happen. Christianity is the number one leading belief system, and they're not going to allow paganism to catch on. Sad, again, but true.
Re: hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
March 29, 2010 01:04AM
I don't know i'm from the netherlands discrimination is not really the biggest problem here.
Still a problem but you know we accept a lot here.
I'm Vegan, Bi-sexeual and politicion (from Socialist Party)

We got a few nazi groups and a few extremist Christian but else we got not.
Re: hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
March 29, 2010 02:38PM
I think you're losing focus. The important thing is to educate people in a kind and loving manner. And more importantly, with the example of your healthy, cruelty free existence.

Yes, people tease us from time to time about what we eat. Or make comments about it that are ignorant. Are you really that upset about it? Don't you make comments about what meat eaters eat from time to time, sometimes without even thinking? I know I do. But making an issue out of it and trying to get special treatment is not in line with the spirit of what we're all about. At least not for me.

I agree with Kattie that there has been a LOT of progress over the last couple of years. Many restaurants are offering Veggie/Vegan options. I hate to break it to you, but restaurants are not required to accommodate everyone's palate or belief system with the food they serve.

It's not about the need for laws to protect us. I don't think that is what needs to happen here. It's as simple as supply and demand. As there continues to be more and more Vegan/Veggie's in the world, there will be great demand for restaurants to provide options for us. I don't know about you, but I've noticed more and more Vegan/Veggie restaurants opening in my city... this is due to the demand. We need to continue to express this demand by calling restaurant owners and asking about vegan options (I do this all the time), continue to send emails with comments asking for more veggie/vegan options at non-veggie restaurants. We need to be the squeaky wheel. That is when we will see the world around us changing before our eyes. I believe it is already changing? look around you. Instead of getting angry about what has yet to change? celebrate what has changed! What you appreciate, appreciates. If express our gratitude when a server or restaurant owner accommodates us? then we will find more and more accommodations going on? it?s the laws of nature.

Why, in our society, are we so quick to think about taking someone to court. "You hurt my feelers!" - really? Let's stay focused on making choices in our diet and lifestyle that promote a healthy body, a healthy planet... that no being had to get hurt for. Let's be an example... and be different.

Continue to spread the knowledge that you have about WHY we choose Vegan. Instead of getting offended when someone makes a comment out of ignorance... take it as an opportunity to educate them and plant a seed that you may not see grow... but someone else will down the road.

Thank you...

Krista : O)
Um...no, and here's why.
March 29, 2010 05:48PM
No one chooses their race, gender, or sexual orientation. Veganism is a choice. A very noble, conscientious, and compassionate choice--but a choice just the same. I honestly don't care what anyone says because I'm standing my ground and living according to my conscience & ethics. You may not believe it, but in time, people will respect you for that.

I think crying discrimination because one cannot handle the assured bevy of lame jokes, ignorance, and criticism really does a HUGE disservice to veganism. It not only distracts from the messages that should be getting out, but invites more ridicule. This kind of stuff comes with the territory. You have to get used to it. Plus, you cannot prevent someone from having an opinion & expressing it just because you don't like it. This sort of thing is VERY counter-productive and (no offense) kind of juvenile.

I think Kristalinn said it best and pretty much echoes my sentiments. It's all about educating people. More education, means (hopefully) more vegans. More vegans means more accomodations at eating establishments. Etc. That is precisely where our energies should be.

As for Paganism as a recognized religion...I don't see why not.
Re: hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
April 01, 2010 09:43AM
Most societies and the Homo Sapiens within them consume dead protein/pets, and I'm not so unrealistic to believe that this shallow "niceness" will change any time soon. Personally I'm aware of things Jack-the-Unfit and Bitch-to-the-Bone Savages eat but whenever I get any rubbish from "nice" folk (assholes), I usually don't bother trying to reason with these monsters; in my experience it's far better for your peace of mind to make a comment about road-kill /pigeons/ chickens, baby sheep (lamb flesh), and BSE than it is to waste time and energy on these provocateurs whose sole aim in life is to snipe and eat pizza or chick nuggets, washed down with a bit of grease.
Teo Teo
Re: hiiiiiippppy! yipppeeeee!
April 23, 2011 11:58PM
Very interesting question/topic and same for replies/comments. For all those who are stuck in this situation of intolerance - your day is on the way! Stay with your choice(s), don't give up, no matter what; as you must endure more than most for your way of life, your happiness, when it comes, will be that much sweeter than all those who don't. Also, if this is of any use to anyone, here's my opinion/way: I must admit that i am very discriminatory against any non-Vegan/Vegetarian peoples (barbarians - heehee) and my personal goal is to remain outside of the "normals' torture/pain-inflicting/destructo/carnivore" world as much as possible (it's not too difficult to do) smiling smiley. Similarly, regarding non-Vegan businesses (restaurants, clothing, physical, virtual, etc.); if such, directly/indirectly promote/profit from abuse/causing needless pain/suffering/death to fellow animals -then i quietly and humbly shun them, i do not waste any time or money on such people or places (saving me loads of money heyhey, which, by the way, can then be donated to Vegan/Animal causes). My personal rule guides almost all my interactions - i do business, interact socially, as much as possible only with Vegan/Vegetarian people (family, friends, associates, etc. who are not Vegan are lowest priority).This has nothing to do with "like" or "dislike" of others or their particular way of life, but is about avoidance of any and all who don't think twice about inflicting the worst pain, torture, upon another animal (human variety or other). So - l don't have many situations in which i must deal with the intolerant and misguided, ...
As for teaching others - probably passive means (by example) is most useful, may be the only way. Strangely, the majority of humans - tolerate blissful ignorance, chaos, suffering, misery (as long as they aren't the ones on receiving end), lies, destruction, the easy way, more than creativity, tolerance, peace, truth, compassion for all, and love.
Besides this, personally, i don't care what people may think about my being a Vegan; i pity the non-Vegans/Vegetarian persons and hope they may realize their destructive ways soon ... It's not about arrogance, it just that there is too little time in this life and as little as possible is to be wasted on those who don't get it.
In future there will be entire communities, regions, which are 100% Vegan life, where killing any animal, for any reason, will be a crime. In such a community there will be discrimination - against any who do not respect all forms of life.
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