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February 09, 2010 04:01PM
Hi I'm Tony from Southern California. Been a vegetarian for 40 years. A Vegan for 25 years. On Happy Cow for six months. Probably the oldest member of Happy Cow? Simpletarian? A Vegan who eats no processed foods, just basic veggies and nuts. Nuts are soaked in water for three hours and sometimes veggies are lightly steamed. Little to no salt or other seasoning. Nutbutter without oil is very good. (if you like the taste of the nut) Make nutbutter with my Cuisinart Pro Countertop. Takes two cups of nuts to make one cup of nutbutter. Sound Boring? Not to me!
smiling bouncing smileyRe: Simpletarian
February 10, 2010 01:38PM
I'm vegan 10-12 years,

Having some slight problem here in Australia with closure of a local meat abattoir and soy milk consumption just doesn't sit right with the people folk out in the country who are loosing their jobs due to the economic turndown.
[www.abc.net.au] /news/stories/2010/02/09/2814178.htm

And when these folk are interested in a stake in your future. .?
Locking them into a mix of vegan practice and eastern Faith is the last thing that country locals want to know about?

I just tell them that only the Dalai Lama can protect vegans.
The Pope is more interested in Blessing the Fleet.

dauntless001seal@hotmail.com my email address

It's the same thing right across the Farm Belt. Where farmers turn in frustration at cameras and city dwellers. When drought is killing their livestock and sending their backs to the wall as bank foreclosure hits hard at families and futures...

The anger is clear for all to see as we watch the 6 o'clock news.

Somehow I think we should be doing more to cement a market share in vegetarian security.

Because I tell ya. .
It's frightening out there!

Not to mention the fact that many of these disgruntled ex slaughterhouse employees are still running around with a knife in their hand.


When I was in Egypt bumming around north Africa I bought some peanuts off a cart moving along the street selling his load from the local market.

You should never want to go to the markets in Suez "it's out of this world".

I was for hours after eating nuts there in my hotel room sick as a dog.
I never forgot the experience actually.

I can eat nuts now and again but they do affect me on occasion and I begin to sweat. (perspire)

However it's easy to imagine these purees over vegetables made from nuts. Must be no good for weight control. Because that's the next consideration.

Nuts are expensive in the local supermarket. I should check the price that nuts demand elsewhere in other markets. . like Flemington?

Asia imports nuts. The go is to try find the importer and there my supply is guaranteed within a price I can afford.

I'll look at it.

But I'll have to upgrade from my current blender to a kitchen appliance that can do the job.

The trend might be. . Nut sauce over fresh raw vegetables. Though lightly steamed might be more appetizing. And the Heat in cooking will destroy the bacteria.

What ever the case.

What ever you eat . . You'll live by and . .You'll die by.


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