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Just wanted to say hello!
January 19, 2009 06:17AM
Hey everyone! I just wanted to give a little introduction here since I'm new to the group and this site in general.

My name is Christina. I'm a 22 year old wife and mother of two. My son Jacob is 2 years old (as of this past October) and my daughter is 4 months old. I'm currently living in a town right outside of Asheville, NC. Very VERY lucky to find myself living in a veg-friendly place!
I was a vegetarian during my teens and a vegan for two years starting at age 17. I honestly stopped because I had started my journey for the wrong reasons, more to be different than to help animals or even for health (I was eating Oreos like they were going to be discontinued, so definitely NOT for health). I became a Vegan again right before I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and when I found out that I was pregnant again I decided it wasn't the right time for me, personally, to continue so full-force with veganism. Looking back I wish that I would have "kept on truckin'" but I didn't know enough at the time to feel comfortable.
I have now been vegan for two weeks, no cheating or slip-ups that I'm aware of, and am so excited. This time I'm doing it for the right reasons and I'm just ecstatic. I don't know how many of you use VB, but I posted on there with my story about what started me on my vegan journey. I know that many veg*ans aren't Christian, but I am and I feel this is something I was actually called to do by God. If you don't believe in God and haven't had Him put something on your heart then it's really a hard thing to explain...but I know there are some Christian vegs here and I'm sure many of them will know about the feeling I'm talking about.

By the way, only brought that up to give my story, not to incite any arguments. I'm not here to convert anyone. Just here to get to know other vegans because sometimes it's hard to find them IRL.

Hope to get to know you all better soon!
Re: Just wanted to say hello!
August 30, 2009 06:23AM
It was my love of animals that did it for me during my childhood, not to mention that my favourite foods were always fruit and vegetables. Veganism now because I fully appreciate the lot of hens, although I've never been a regular eater of eggs anyway.
Re: Just wanted to say hello!
October 15, 2009 04:28PM
I became vegetarian last year after becoming aware of the horror of factory farms and slaughterhouses.

I truthfully most of my life never realized how cruel and disgusting it is to eat animals. i just went along with my life like the rest of the meat eating world and never realized the horror of eating animals.

l was also raised a christian until i turned veg and had every christian i know tell me that God says we can eat meat and that we are suppose to. i can not believe in a God who creates sentient creatures for humans to abuse and eat. we are suppose to be thier care givers not thier tortures.

I was veg for about 6 mths when my daughter was in elementary school. i was so riduculed by family and friends i finally reverated back to eatng meat.

this time around 30 yrs later i am so secure in veg/vegan beliefs i dont think anything or anyone will ever change my mind again.
Re: Just wanted to say hello!
October 15, 2009 11:01PM
well welcome to the pasture Fighting4AR, we have lots of members who have been through what u r going through. it is tough to make a stand for what u believe in especially when the loved ones fear the change.

There are many authors out there that support the religion and vegetarianism. It may feel like ur alone but this community is big and growing in numbers.

"Nothing will benefit health or increase chances of survival on earth as the evolution to a vegetarian diet." Albert Einstein

Thanks for sharing.
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