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Vegetarian friendly churches

Posted by natpath at 03/21/2012

Where are the vegetarian pastors and are there any church besides 7th Day adventists that preach killing of animals is wrong.


happycowgirl03/21/2012 20:17:01
Great question! I'd love to know the answer.
workingelephant04/24/2012 14:05:12
Me as well.
ahimsa32fa04/25/2012 07:34:18
The Jain religion proscribes against the killing of animals, but sadly, all religions teach "human supremacy" in one form or another, which is a de facto license to do as we wish with the other animals...
happycowgirl04/27/2012 22:39:53
How did I forget about the Jain religion? Absolutely! In fact, there is a Jain temple just outside of Chicago in Bartlet, IL.
knightofalbion05/07/2012 11:08:04
All life is animated by the Spirit of God.

Animals have souls just as we do.
Awakening05/11/2012 06:12:36
There is a vegetarian Pastor in Ottawa at this website.

If you do a google search for vegetarian ministries or Pastors in your area, you will probably be able to find someone.
Longdrive12/31/2012 05:18:51
One of the four regulative principles of Hare Krishna is no eating of meat, including fish or eggs.

'1. No eating meat, fish, or eggs. Killing animals destroys the quality of mercy. One turns one's body into a graveyard by consuming dead animals. These foods are saturated with the modes of passion and ignorance and therefore cannot be offered to the Lord. A person who eats these foods participates in a conspiracy of violence against helpless animals and thus curtails his spiritual progress.'

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