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Veggies to the rescue!!!i need help

Posted by emama at 04/12/2010

Hi everyone,

Ive been a member for quite some time, but dont really branch out as much. but lately i have found myself needeing some extra guidence that i know i can only find through fellow happy cow followers.
My delema- is I am 25 years old stay at home with a husband,an 8yr old,15 month old,and 5month old baby! i feel i have lost my self both inner and outword of corse.i also have been brough to reality with medical news that has shaken our lil family pretty hard and i need to get health and fit like before.
my husband although not veggie is very active and in great shape he gets a great workout at work,and i would love to workout with him out side of work but i have to do stuff that dont include having to find a baby sitter or paying big bucks for a gym.
m pretty overwhelmed as it is,but reachin out to see if you guys know of a great veggie diet plan and some work out tips , i greatly appreciate you all and your time!



Cascadian04/12/2010 17:36:03

My suggestion for you is to check out - it's a great online forum with helpful folks from around the world.

Best wishes!
Chia07/14/2010 15:28:53
Hi emama, I'm also a busy mom. You might consider that a lot of what you do in, around, and outside of the house (cleaning, running after the kids, taking them out for walks, shopping, and such) a total workout! I know I do. I always exhausted after a day's work of caring for my child, husband, cooking, and all.

You might try:
- Walking more and driving less - to the library, local park, neighbor's homes, closest grocery store.
- Playing ball and more physical activities with your children.
- Taking a daily power walk with your husband and/or children.
- Eat lots of fresh veggies in salads or steamed and served with a whole grain like rice or quinoa.
- Eat fresh fruits that are in season.

Good luck!
Heidi B.
Heidi B.11/15/2010 19:51:37
I'm not a parent, but I'm very busy with work and singing part-time, as well as having recently published a website - which is an ongoing project. All this to say that I am now very much enjoying Nordic walking as a form of exercise -- it's a full-body workout (90% of muscles involved), and it's great for the core muscles. It is super convenient...just get outside with your poles and away you go! Initial investment is required to purchase poles, but you can use regular running shoes so no need to buy special shoes. Once you have your poles, that's it - no paying for gym memberships and no having to drive anywhere to get to the gym. Plus, it's outdoors...not indoors like at the gym.
I'm hooked, and I took the instructor's course so I could introduce others to this effective fitness activity.
Babbo03/15/2013 04:41:40
Sounds like you have your hands full, i would just pop for a gp check up to make sure your are not lacking a particluar vitamin or low in iron first ;-) this can make a huge difference!!

As for food make sure you get enough protein and eat regular small meals every 4-5 hours to prevent you blood sugar dropping.

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