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NJ VEGAN rescue KITTENS (9 wks) seeking

Posted by Poomog at 12/05/2009

Hello, everyone,

I am fostering 2 all-over-you affectionate, brilliantly intelligent and sweet all-black kittens for a no-kill rescue group. I have hand-raised them for the past 6 weeks, since they were 3 weeks of age, and now I am looking all over for good, healthy permanent homes for them. To be honest, they are not eating completely vegan. I give them vegan dry food from Evolution brand, which they love, and raw fish. I am advertising them here because I want their people to be people who would feed them vegan, or feed them raw, or feed them from brands of cat food found in health food stores. I have been advertising them (with photos!) on; i you might be interested in them, please take a look at the ad, which describes their behavior and looks and ways. Do a websearch on that site for the phrase "Barnacle Bill" in the Pets section and the ad ought to come up for you to see. Thank you!!


Chase Morgan
Chase Morgan at 03/12/2011 08:28:06
What part of NJ you in? I cant promise theyll be fed a vegan diet but i could put the word out and find them a good home.

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