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Can You Be A Vegan And Kill Animals?

The Hammer
Posted by The Hammer at 06/01/2014

Thinking about what exact is veganism.

Can you be a vegan and yet kill an animal on purpose, as opposed to accidentally?


ahimsa32fa06/02/2014 05:15:44
The basis of vegan philosophy is found in the concept of "ahimsa" or non-violence, as is encouraged by the Jain religion and others who respect all living things.

There is an incredible amount of suffering being experienced by sentient beings at this moment, and the vast majority of it is caused by the lack of compassion for others on the part of the human species. Our human ego and self-adoration has made us an unnatural enemy of all living things...and in this manner unique among all creatures.

Belief in human "superiority" allows us to rationalize the poisoning, imprisoning, torturing and killing of our neighbors and kin, and quite naturally led to the same mindset in human relations...resulting in sexism, racism, colonialism and war.

If the other animals believed in gods and other magical beings, they would certainly see humans as the devil.

Being a vegan is all about practicing the Golden Rule, and killing does not pass the test.
KukoVegan06/02/2014 10:59:24
couldnĀ“t have been said better, nothing more to say ;)
happycowgirl06/02/2014 13:03:51
I couldn't agree more.
AndyT06/02/2014 20:17:08
I guess there are different views to this, as to every question.

I, personally, do not see so much of an issue with killing animals that threaten me or my family. I am not so much referring to wild lions leaping out of the jungle, but rather to disease-carrying animals like mosquitos, ticks, roaches, mites or similar.

Best regards,
The Hammer
The Hammer06/02/2014 22:56:03
Thanks for the responses.

I am only a little bit familiar with the Jain religion (i talked with several Jain people) but it seems the Jain religion is not about compassion for animals but about avoiding Karma. Jain people also don't eat root vegetables because they believe the root is the seat of live. So eating roots would be killing life and so accumulating bad karma.

I think many vegans out there willingly have an animal killed. I mean vegans with a sick or old dog or cat let it be euthanized. Mercy killing.

I think anyone that is vegan for ethical reasons agrees that an animal in pain should be euthanized. But people like Jain people, could never do that, out of fear of accumulating bad karma.
ahimsa32fa06/03/2014 07:53:01
The Hammer-
I corresponded with Jains a few years ago, and they published one of my articles in their newsletter. I was pleased to learn that I had an influence on their thinking about dairy products.

I too believe in mercy killing, though the Jains do not. Still, I admire their anti-war philosophy and their respect for life.
The Hammer
The Hammer06/03/2014 23:33:26
One Jain person i knew was actually a vegan. :-)

Yes, dairy, i tried that topic too, with Jain people and Indian vegetarians, to no avail though. They were unwilling to listen or agree that supermarket milk is a very cruel product.

So that is why i have come to think that that kind of religious vegetarianism is basically different from my veganism, and is NOT shared in the Ahimsa principle.

It seems to me that many Indian vegetarians and
also some parts of the Chinese vegetarians are not interested in avoiding animal cruelty but only interested in avoiding bad Karma. THAT is basically different from us western vegans, and other Asian veg people like Buddhists.
SexyVeganDiva07/13/2014 10:25:43
Why be a vegan if you're going to kill animals? You might as well not be vegan.
ahimsa32fa07/14/2014 05:00:24
@The Hammer-

I wouldn't be so quick to lump all Jains into one basket, any more than one would believe that all Christians hold the same beliefs and practices. Some people are vegetarians for health reasons, some out of concern for the environment, others because of the implications for human starvation, and many because they have compassion for "farmed" animals.

I mentioned my contacts with the Jain community, and my encouraging them to look at the dairy product issue. They were very receptive and admitted not looking closely enough at what happens to cows in the dairy industry, both in India and the US.

And to SexyVeganDiva-

It's been said here before, but let me be's impossible to live a 100% pure vegan diet, just as it's impossible to have a world with zero violence. But every effort in that direction alleviates suffering and is therefore commendable.
The Hammer
The Hammer07/15/2014 00:24:23
But that is just my point, that being vegan for ethical reasons and being vegan for religious reasons might be two different things, and not the same.

Of course i am not talking about being a vegan and at the same time killing animals for pleasure or something like that. I mean, as ethical vegans we are against cruelty to animals, so that means that most probably we would euthanize our pet dog if he would suffer and would be incurable.
In this respect, e.g. Jain people would never ever do mercy killings because it would give them bad Karma.
Also, as a vegan, i am sure that most of us kill a mosquito when it bites us. Being a vegan is not trying to be a saint or boyscout, as a vegan i simply don't want to contribute to large scale animal cruelty, but i am not sentimental or will burst into tears when i trample on ants accidentally.

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