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transition from eating meat to vegeterian

Posted by ragdollragdololl1 at 05/10/2014

I gave myself a day of June 1st to be a full fledged vegetarian.I want to do it because of my health and because meat is making me sick. When I was doing research work, i came across the website. I have no idea on where to start looking and how to transition to becoming a vegetarian. When I saw this website and forum, I thought this will be a good place to. Does anybody have any suggestion for me. While, I was going through my cookbooks, I notice that I have the Moose wood cookbook.


ahimsa32fa05/10/2014 13:43:27
There are hundreds of websites offering info on vegetarianism and vegan diets.

One of the best is PCRM - Physicians' Committee for Responsible Medicine.

The Moosewood Cookbook is a bit outdated, but does offer some useful info.
nogodsjustwriters05/18/2014 10:19:51
It really isn't very difficult :-) I think the important thing is to have fun and see it as a challenge. I find tons of inspiration on Pinterest or via vegetarian Facebook or Google+ groups.
Oh, and you'll need patience, because everybody will be asking you "Why?" all the time :-)

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