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Vegan honeymoon in the!?

Posted by Bohemianwife at 05/18/2007

Hi we are having our honeymoon in Nc and spending three days in the outerbanks region. We are staying at a B&B who will cater to vegans but we are wondering about lunch and dinner! We have only been told about the seaside vegetarian from happy cow but is there any veg friendly places besides that? We will travel a little bit so one hour away from Kitty Hawk is fine. Thank You!


kindlizard at 05/19/2007 23:16:22
I'll ask my friend who goes there sometimes. He isn't veg, but he leans that way.
sandy at 05/20/2007 12:54:38
It's been about a year and a half. But from what I remember: Coastal Cactus is a vegan friendly mexican place located in Kill Devil Hills. Stay away from La Fogata, they advertise vegetarian, but have vats of lard in the kitchen. It's difficult there, but we often survive off of happy hour food at weeping radish (pretzels and salad), black pelican (free peanuts and pizza can be made vegan) and outer banks brewing.

Howard's Pub in Ocracoke has a PETA burger, I haven't tried it though. \"Offers the vegetarian and alternative to nasty old meat\". They are a raw bar though.
scout at 05/21/2007 13:36:50
Wow, would you mind sharing what you find out? We're in Wilmington but just moved out here less than 3 months ago. We haven't had time yet to expore much North of us. We'd also love to know of vegan places in the Outer Banks!

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