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Archonutrition and unlimited fruit

Posted by richlove at 03/07/2014

Anyone heard of archonutrition? I was having health problems so a friend directed me to this site,, I don't know if its cool to post links so sorry, but it's kind of fruitarian and says its about eating how people did before agirculture. Like paleo without the meat. But I wonder is all that sugar okay? Like, if I just eat fruit all the time, my friend says I can get protein and fats from avocados and nuts, and lose a ton of weight, and it could clear up other problems that my doctor always wants to prescribe drugs for. Not sure what to do, I just want to go as natural as possible, you know?


ahimsa32fa03/08/2014 09:09:57
Sounds like a good website.

Despite what the purveyors of processed sugar and corn syrup claim, not all sugars are the same.

Also keep in mind that tomatoes, squash, peppers and avocadoes are also fruit, but not as high in sugar as sweet fruits.
tsproc03/12/2014 13:35:04
go for it. at least for a cleanse. i would also recommend fasting, but it's something i don't have reliable reference for in english.

as for the lowcarb vegan diets, i don't see a problem there either if you feel it is right.

for me it is a lot of leafy green vegetables, some roots, and raw fats such as coconut+c.oil, nuts, avocados... really like green superfoods such as spirulina (it binds toxins) and other seaweed, and on some days, fruits. i cook only on occasion, +no gluten etc. personally i feel more alive this way.

as for the website, not sure but usually when someone wants to "sell me a diet" i get very suspicious. $1000? whut?

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