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Veggie eating in Budapest?

Posted by ausjay at 05/11/2007

I have been to Budapest, Hungary twice in the last 6 months, and it was a nightmare. Survived on rice, raw vegetables etc. Couldn't find a single place that had vegetarian food. Can someone recommend a decent veggie place there?



Chia at 05/12/2007 09:14:31
Hi ausjay. Did you get a chance to try the restaurants listed on HappyCow? A few of them got good reviews from other vegetarian travelers. Have a look:
clehel at 04/12/2011 06:49:52
I live in Budapest. In 2007 we had good restaurants already, like Govinda and Vegetarium (this one is closed now), and fortunately, the number of veggie restaurant options keeps increasing. The newest, and one of the best is a Loving Hut vegan fast food restaurant in the city center: please see it's review here on HappyCow, or go to it's website:

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