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hey fellow vegetarians

Posted by christy007 at 02/26/2014

Help me out, do you all take vitamins, Im told Im not getting enough protein, any help at all out there?


ahimsa32fa02/27/2014 06:40:47
Who says you're not getting enough protein?
It could be true, of course, but don't fall for the myth that protein is a serious problem for vegans. It's not difficult to get plenty of protein without resorting to eating animals or milk stolen from cows and their calves...

PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine)has been putting out a great fact sheet for many years, "The Protein Myth".

Most Americans get way too much protein in their diet, resulting in a host of problems.
AllyG02/28/2014 19:23:16
Well, I'm vegan, not vegetarian, so I get my protein from plant sources. Who said that you are not getting enough protein?

I have protein at each meal, and a different plant protein too so my food is balanced - tofu, nuts, beans, lentils, vegetables.

If you don't think you are getting enough protein, then do some research by reading a variety of opinions, or visit a nutritionist.

I take vitamin b12. I don't need iron supplements, and don't take calcium supplements either.

I do eat carefully and plan ahead what I'm going to eat, but I'm not fanatical if that doesn't work out.

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