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Cranks - Veggie sandwich Brand

Posted by mariaburns at 12/16/2013

Hi guys, has anyone heard of Cranks? They are a veggie sandwich brand, i just tried one of their sandwiches and it was deeeelicous! Does anyone know where you can buy cranks? I bought mine in University canteen but don't know where else i can buy them? I was on their Facebook page and they have a lovely "12 Days of Cranksmas" comp where they are giving away a prize each day before Christmas, some lovely prizes. Maria xx


flipmitch01/01/2014 11:34:56
Hi Maria, I've seen Cranks sandwiches and wraps in Holland & Barrett, hope that helps :-)
happycowgirl01/03/2014 20:37:48
hi maria,
Thanks for telling us about this brand! Although I'm now incredibly sad I live on this side of the pond since it looks like Cranks is only available in the U.K. : (

Their sandwiches look delicious!

The website doesn't give specifics, just says they're available "in supermarkets, health & convenience stores, and university and staff canteens" across the country. Hope that helps.

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