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Vegan Survey 2013

Posted by ShellLillian at 09/19/2013

Hello! I just wanted to share a survey I am conducting to gain a better understanding of the vegan community. This is just a preliminary survey in a series (so if there's not an answer that fits you perfectly, don't worry, you'll get the chance to explain later) and all of the responses will be made public for all of us to use. It would also be great if you shared this with all of your vegan friends, because the more responses the better! Thanks!


ahimsa32fa11/08/2013 07:52:18
If you can create a link to that address, you'll get more responses.
TheVegetableAddict02/12/2014 11:50:40
I took the survey. For the most part, it was worded appropriately.
anarkitty02/19/2014 22:07:32
i did the survey but couldn't see the results, not even sure if it went through, i was taken to an ad page after completing.
anarkitty02/19/2014 23:31:39
oh yeah also it forced me to choose an option on a question where NONE of the options applied to me (the one about whether i try to buy organic or am soy-free or buy local... i'm none of those things)
happycowgirl02/20/2014 08:33:39
I had the same experience taking the survey as anarkitty (awesome name, by the way!). I finished the survey and instead of taking you to a page that says, "Thank you for taking our survey. Your results have been submitted." it dumps you out to an ad. So much for closure.

And unlike what ShellLillian says in the post, if a choice doesn't apply to you, you don't get the opportunity to explain later. So I just chose the option that fit best.

It was kind of a fun survey. You can still take it here:
The Hammer
The Hammer02/21/2014 05:14:51
call me crazy but before filling in a survey i always like to know more about takes the survey and what is the purpose. There is always the change that surveys are used or explained in a way one might regret later.

So come on OP, please introduce yourself, are you vegan yourself, and why the interest in the vegan community?
You are selling the data ?
The Hammer
The Hammer02/21/2014 05:15:53
...and, the best way to gain a better understanding of the vegan community might be to try veganism yourself !! Just a thought !

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