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Free Smoothie Recipes!

Posted by seachel at 08/25/2013

Hey everybody! I decided to start transitioning to vegan/raw about a year ago and have learned a lot along the way. When I first got started, a friend told me to try smoothies as a way to get variety in my food. It helped me a lot, so I wanted to share it here, where experienced vegans/vegetarians might be looking for variation or newbies might be looking for inspiration.

To be disciplined about it, I decided to try ALL of the recipes in a smoothie cookbook. It sounds a little crazy, I know, but it was a lot of fun! I reviewed everything and wrote the recipes down so others can benefit from my experiment without having to live it. You can check it out at -


KevaTischler08/26/2013 16:00:56
Thanks for this post! :)
vera sagram
vera sagram12/28/2013 11:20:45
Thank you for sharing!

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