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New vego :)

Posted by RockabillyVego at 06/27/2010

Hi all I have recently become vegetarian and am wondering if anyone could give me any good recipes for healthy lunch ideas or dinner ideas :) also any ideas on what I can do with quinoa?


lmzeigler at 06/28/2010 08:15:10
Hi, Congrats on going vegetarian! If you are looking for recipes, check out the website They have so much stuff on there, and it's all arranged by type, so you could easily search for quinoa recipes. One quinoa dish I like is making a miso dressing and pouring it over quinoa and beets.
louis at 06/28/2010 13:43:30
You can cook quinoa in a mixture of pineapple juice and water, be sure to rinse it first.It's also good cooked in vegetable stock. I eat it on its own for a quick meal.

For something more adventurous,look at the Post Punk Kitchen website for several vegan quinoa recipes:

'Veganomicon', the vegan cookbook by Moskowitz and Hope Romero have a delicious recipe for pineapple, cashew and quinoa stir fry and the book is full of loads of other inspiring and easy to make recipes.
Stevie at 07/01/2010 00:05:32

Try this for thousands of vego recipes.


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