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Is it Vegan???

Posted by rem.renee at 05/19/2013

My girlfriend and I are starting this journey together. As the parents of many furry children we could no longer support the animal industry.

The only problem we are running into is finding some items that appear to be Vegan but lack the Vegan stamp.

Is there an App for the Iphone that gives you a break down of ingredients that are and are not Vegan?


Any information would be great.


peaceofpi05/20/2013 06:31:05
I'm not sure, but the biggest tricky thing you need to look out for is "Natural Flavour". Unless it has the V stamp, if it says Natural Flavouring on it, chances are its animal product.
Nine times out of ten it says if it has milk (even casein or lactose is included in this)

as far as websites or apps, I don't know, but I know Fooducate is supposed to be good (i can't personally function it)
WallysButton08/02/2013 09:00:50
I'm not sure about an app, but there is a book called Veganissimo that is basically and A to Z guide on all the words used on ingredient lists where animal ingredients can be lurking.... it's a nice little pocket size book...
fogtime08/05/2013 00:44:47
This is why I say I'm mostly vegan. I think I'm probably 98% vegan. The other day I went to buy single serving non-dairy creamers. I was quite surprised when the company listed an ingredient on the box that was from cows. Clearly, the company was targeting the lactose-intolerant crowd and not the vegan crowd. A will have to get a copy of Veganissimo.
ishansharma08/06/2013 22:35:07
I use the app Animal-Free on Android and I just saw that they have it on the Apple Appstore too. It's not the entire list of ingredients by any means, but it's a decent start and has a lot of ingredients nicely split into columns "Animal" or "Vegan" so you know which ones to avoid. For ones you encounter that aren't in the app, I usually just look those up individually. It would be nice to have an app that scans products and just tells you "Vegan" or "Not Vegan, stay away!" ...but for now this'll have to do. lol


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