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help for fussy 5 year old eater

Mum of 4
Posted by Mum of 4 at 03/14/2009

ok, so this is prob going to be a long post in order to get in all the details.
I'm after help to know what are other sources of proteen. I am not a vegitarian myself, so although I know there are nonmeat sources of proteen, I don't know what they are.
I have a fussy 5 year old who is currently suffering from very soft poo, or diarea. We are wondering if this could be down to lack of proteen since he won't eat meat other than chicken nuggets or sausages, and I won't let him eat much of these as they are junk food. I have decided that the easiest option is to go down the vegitarian path with him, but don't know what the vegitarian sources of proteen are.
Currently the things as well as meat that he won't eat are: eggs, baked beans, carrotts, cooked cheese, cheese sauce, soya mince, cooked mushrooms, anything that is in a pie.
Please can anybody help by:
A) explaining to me in a simple way what the vegitarian sources of proteen are
B) suggesting some simple recipies that include these sources of proteen that might appeal to this fussy eater.
Please help, as am very desperate, and don't know where else to ask for help.


ampallang at 03/16/2009 12:00:12
For protien beans are great.

There are many recipies on this website

Our bodies dont need a huge amonut of protien, but it is of course important to have some strong soruces of protien.

Some ideas... instead of using bread crumbs you can use processed nuts cashews, walnuts and mix them with breadcrumbs. That might help. OR you can mix the nuts into a sauce.
Tahini is great if she likes the taste of it, you have to find a lovely tasting tahini.
Mushrooms are good too.

Ideas in general

Lentil and tomato pasta sauce
Mushrooms and rice
Tahini on toast- dark bread.
Baked beans are a good idea if she likes it.

I wish you luck!

JohnnySensible at 03/16/2009 21:06:19
If you buy / borrow a copy of the book "Skinny Bitch" the solutions to your problems will pop out of every page - plus you will have great fun reading it!

Google "mcdougall program" if you want to go deeper!

piximix13 at 04/13/2009 02:29:27
hi we have a vegan 5yr old who was a great eater until he turned 4 then decided to get fussy. all i can say is persevere don't give in too easy when they say they dont like something because a lot of the time it isnt about the food its about them asserting themselves and pushing boundaries. having said that their taste buds do change around this time and sometimes you have to be inventive to make sure they're getting a balanced diet.
our family gets its protein mainly from lentils
chickpeas nuts and all sorts of different beans these can be made into burgers, dips,soups,sauces (these are all great ways of disguising) added to salads, stews, pasta, rice.
we also buy our 5yr old soy yoghurt and sometimes soy ice cream and the rice milk we drink has added protein. he has nut spread on his sandwiches most days.

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