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goo ball recipe anyone?

Posted by kindlizard at 05/03/2009

First PLEASE keep this clean/PG!!

I am looking for a (clean talk only please) goo ball recipe. I only had these before I cooked and knew much about cooking or food. They are a vegetarian delicacy!! Anyone have a recipe they can dust off?

FWIW, I need 2 GA Lawn extras for the Dead and Allmans at the Gorge if anyone has please PM.


kindlizard at 05/06/2009 14:23:12
I'd have figured someone here would have a recipe... wrongly I suppose.
JohnnySensible at 05/06/2009 22:26:37
Maybe try this baby! - "Cooking With the Dead": Recipes and Stories from Fans on the Road [Over 65 fabulous kynd and caring vegetarian recipes prepared with love] by Elizabeth Zipern

There are 20+ copies for sale on Amazon today for just a few $!

If I posted a recipe here it would get deleted pretty fast - the usual main ingredient is quite "cheeky" - this has brought back some good memories of my younger days!

kindlizard at 05/07/2009 11:58:33
Ah yes, but if you were to post one sans that, thats actually what I was hoping for. I only had before I was a foodie so I really have no idea what the basis is. I think PB and nuts? but if you could JS post one and just say 'oil' or something, none too graphic, I think it would be fun to have. They seem to be loaded w goodness and be almost like powerbars for hiking and ideal for treks. thanks for your consideration.

Is the Zipern book vegan or veggie? Thanks again,
JohnnySensible at 05/07/2009 18:37:18
OK - there is a "non-cheeky" recipe here -

From memory the Zipern book is heavy on honey etc. - but we know how to substitute for these nowadays.

I will PM you with cheekier links!

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