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Pure Vegan Pea Protein

Posted by CelEnilno at 04/17/2013

I need some real quality pea protein that taste good. I found this Pure Vegan Pea Protein, Can anyone tell me if it taste great?


savetheanimals04/18/2013 21:32:07
I have never had pea protein in my life. You don't need a protein supplement as long as your eating something. The only protein deficiencies are if your literally starving and your going to have much worse problems then being protein deficient. No one in a fully developed nation is literally starving. I see that you live in the Philippines I don't know much about the Philippines but I do think there are people literally starving there. I don't think your one of them. If you can afford $44.95 worth of pea protein your not literally starving.
asciimo04/19/2013 14:04:57
I really like Vega Performance Protein ( It's not exclusively pea protein, but I think it's the primary ingredient. A little more research will likely reveal the ratio to you. You can find smaller quantities online to try before you commit to a big container.
CelEnilno04/22/2013 22:05:20
Thanks Asciimo, I really appreciate the positive feedback and suggestion. I am looking for 100% Natural Pea Protein, but I will take a look at Vega.
bvanb04/23/2013 21:14:06
Paradise Herbs Protein and Greens is excellent. I like the Vega One, Jeff's Best Hemp, Amazing Grass also. Really good Vegan proteins out there.
stivejhon1104/28/2013 22:49:58
Protein powders can provide a wide range of health benefits.
Changes to muscle mass are affected by age, dietary and lifestyle choices as well as one’s quality of health. Protein powder drink mixes that provide a full range of amino acids can be easily incorporated into patient’s nutritional plans to support the maintenance of healthy muscle mass and body composition, immune function, and general health and wellness.†
kw05/10/2013 03:53:53
I love this product. It's a fairly new vegan protein is 100% organic and made to raw food standards so that the enzymes aren’t destroyed during the manufacturing process. They also made a very high quality greens powder that tastes great when you mix the greens and vegan protein together. Completely paleo and no additives…
For info:
To purchase:
CelEnilno06/02/2013 20:57:27
bvanb,stivejhon11,kw - Thanks to all of you who spend some time helping me decide on this. It was recommended by a personal trainor. I did try using the Pure Vegan which is 100% pea, after a month of doing so here is my review "it digests well and is actually great to blend with smoothies, no harsh side effects so far"


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