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Tofu Marsala

Posted by JuliaCatherine at 02/26/2008

Chicken marsala was always one of my favorites. But mainly because of the tasty marsala mushrooms. I made marsala last night for my family and then made a vegan version for myself by pressing and freezing a portion of tofu for a bit then smearing some olive oil on it and breading it with plain bread crumbs that i seasoned and fried it on either side a bit. I made the recipe exactly the same as i normally would but with the substitution of chicken broth for veggie broth. OMG i was in heaven, it was so delicious. I also made the most amazing pickled/sweet and sour red cabbage with spices like cinnamon, ginger, allspice and a cut up apple. so delish, im having the leftover cabbage for lunch today.


Cidtalk at 02/28/2009 00:29:57
Wow, you are helping me make my grocery list and menu for the weekend:)

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