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Making stock secrets

Posted by adbuster at 11/06/2007

adding stock from intant cubes can be dull and monotonous they, companies that i find in the supermarkets, have a monopoly on the market and sell only one brand. And the other way is easy and you throw away the water used otherwise.

For boiling vegtables use a smal amount of water- soluble vitamins and minerals are destroied by large amounts. you then add hot notboiling water to bring it up to the needed stockvolume. to liven up dishes try adding vinegar, wine green tea any alchol along with stock -stronger tasting liquids in les volume.


treehugger at 03/10/2008 07:45:32
Whenever I steam veggies I always keep the liquid and use this as stock. If I have a surplus I freeze it in plastic pots.I always have home made stock to hand and I NEVER buy shop bought stock.

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