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Good diet?

Posted by Icefrost at 02/13/2013

I'm new to being vegan. I decided last night actually. I need help getting into a routine. I don't know anyone vegan. My previous "diet" consisted of fast food every now and then pizza pockets at night and pretty much nothing else. I usually only ate once a day. Twice occasionally. I kn0w I need to take care of myself way better or in the near future I will be looking down at rolls of fat and finding it hard to do anything at all. So here's how I started my morning I had aabout 3 servings of kellogs corn flakes no sugar added and a piece of whole grain bread with cranberries in it and two small knife dips of peanut butter to coat it with a small layer of it. I'm not sure what I am going to have for lunch. I have tomato's, lettuce, basil, parsley, spinach, and broccoli, bananas, and apples. My gf eats meat still and the cupboards are filled with stuff I wont be eating. So I have just this to work with for now. I also have a quarter loaf of whole grain bread with cranberries. I tried looking around the net to find recipes but all of them need something I don't have. Can anyone suggest a website or a few recipes to get me started? Or enlighten me if I can't do anything with the ingredients I bought.


Martial.Epicurus02/14/2013 03:08:10
I used to have a similar eating pattern. When I switched to vegetarianism I was eating pizza and french fries every day just because it was quick, tasty, and had no animals.

I looked at your ingredients and immediately thought "smoothies and salad!" I'm a big fan of smoothies. They're quick, tasty, and have no animals (I guess I haven't changed much). They're also very healthy and surprisingly filling. Here's a copy of a smoothie booklet that was posted to the forum recently:

The other ingredients that I wouldn't use in a smoothie (tomato, lettuce depending on its type, parsley, basil) I'd just make a big salad. Sometimes I get cravings for the fattiest most unhealthy food, I get a salad instead and I'm perfectly satisfied.

Good luck with the new diet. I hope that it doesn't drive a rift between you and your girlfriend. I'm currently dating a meat eater and it does get difficult at times.
ahimsa32fa06/20/2013 06:36:23
This site and literally thousands of others offer wonderful info on diet including endless scrumptious recipes.

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