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Most veg*n friendly cities in N. America

Posted by AidanMoran at 02/06/2013

So I am currently attempting to compile a list of the most veg*n friendly cities in N. America (Pretty much US + Canada) ranked in order from 1 to 20 based on different factors such as, number of veg*n restaurants, number of V friendly restaurants, HF stores, general opinion of the public, and many other factors.

If anyone knows of any cities that might be good for me to look at that I may have looked over, please let me know. I already have some of the more obvious ones such as Oregon, Seattle, NYC, SF, LA, etc. so any ones that might have passed under the radar that would be great.


Adey03/05/2013 09:38:16
Peta did something similar, might be a good start?

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