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what goes good with peanut butter??

Posted by seanubs at 09/01/2012

So I always buy peanut butter and I only eat it with carrots or fruit or bread. Well... It just seems too boring. I eat it without anything too (dip in a spoon and just munch away my 4 dollars). But I don't like baking and I just want a quick snack that would be epic-ly delicious.
Please enlighten me because I am too lazy to search Google and I don't want to search yahoo answers because the people here are nicer and less meaner and don't eat meat.


happycowgirl09/01/2012 20:47:38
I'm with ya. I'm not very good at cooking or baking & I'm all about quick snacks. Smoothies are pretty quick. A peanut butter banana smoothie is easy:
1 banana
1/8 cup peanut butter
1/2 cup soy milk

For epicly delicious, you might have to add some cacao. You could change it up and use almond or coconut milk instead of the soy.
happycowgirl09/01/2012 20:49:51
Have u tried banana chips (dried sliced bananas) in peanut butter? That's my fave. That or apple slices.
Yoshi09/02/2012 02:19:00
Get some vanilla non-dairy ice cream, mix in some chunky peanut butter, and drizzle some raspberry agave syrup on top. Not the healthiest, but it sure tastes good.
seanubs09/02/2012 10:58:12
GASP!! You guys/gals are awesome!! These are all fantastic ideas!! I can't wait to try them all! :DDD
thank you!
happycowgirl09/02/2012 12:02:41
WHOA, Yoshi, that sounds delish! I'm making that.

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