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Starting a Raw Food Diet

Posted by idontdocrowds22 at 03/15/2009

After doing a lot of research, I have decided that I would absolutely love to transition to eating 100% raw foods, but I had a few questions and concerns. How would you reccomend going about the transition and how much time do you think I should allow my body to go through a transition period to just eating raw foods? One of my main concerns with this diet, is that it seems rather expensive. I am a college student, I don't exactly have much of an income right now, and it's hard for me to spend so much money on food every week, regardless of how good I know it is for me. I don't have any equipment, such as juicers or blenders, or dehydrators, and I was wondering out of these machines (or other machines that I haven't mentioned) Which one would be the most important for me to have? What foods do you buy that are the least expensive, but are staples to your diet? I would sincerely appreciate any help you guys couls give me about this!



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