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Vegan Caramels

Posted by happycowgirl at 07/22/2012

I just discovered the most incredible vegan caramels and had to share the news. They're called Cocomels and are made by JJ's Sweets. Their main ingredient is coconut milk!

They come in Original, Sea Salt, Vanilla and Java flavors. Personally, I think the Original flavor tastes like coconut and the Sea Salt flavor tastes more like a regular caramel. Anyway, they are all melt-in-your-mouth delicious. And these luscious delights are dairy, gluten, corn soy and GMO free.

Not sure if they're in stores yet. I ordered mine online here:

[And just to provide full disclosure: I don't work for these guys in any way or even know them. I'm just a vegan who found a great product and wants to share. :) ]


VeganSally07/23/2012 10:48:27
RestaurantsCan07/30/2012 22:56:59
okay thanks for posting it here.

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